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March 21, 2012

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They're hidden under there

BOCA RATON, Fla. - Police are looking for suspects who stole hundreds of pairs of panties from a lingerie store in Boca Raton's Town Center mall.

Boca Raton police say about 600 pairs of panties worth an estimated $6,300 were stolen from Victoria's Secret last week.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports the thefts came nine days after police arrested two Miami-Dade County women linked to an elaborate fraud that has targeted Victoria's Secret stores across South Florida since October.

Police say surveillance video shows two women stealing the panties around 2:30 a.m. on March 9. Investigators haven't said whether the women are linked to the lingerie ring.

The newspaper reports the Victoria's Secret in nearby Boynton Beach has been hit 11 times. The Boca location has been hit at least four times.

TME Does the phrase 'lingerie ring' weird anyone else out?

Don't have a cow, man!

TIVERTON, R.I. - Police in the Rhode Island town of Tiverton say they've made an arrest in a rare case of cattle rustling.

The Newport Daily News reports that Ledyard Lewis of North Stonington, Conn., turned himself in on Friday in the theft of at least 18 cows from High View Farm. Lewis says he took the cows because the farm's owner, Arthur Smith, owed him money. Police say Lewis told them Smith owed him for feed.

Lewis was arraigned and released on $10,000 personal recognizance. He faces charges of felony larceny and theft of animals. Authorities say transporting the stolen animals across state lines could lead to federal charges.

Because the cows were mixed in with those on Lewis' farm, they are under quarantine until they can be tested for tuberculosis.

TME Cattle rustling? What next, a stagecoach robbery?

The perfect crime

EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. - A Pontoon Beach man has pleaded not guilty to federal charges after being accused of participating in a foiled plot to abduct, extort and electrocute a wealthy man and blame the death on the would-be victim's cat.

A judge in East St. Louis scheduled an April 30 trial for Brett Nash on felonies linked to the scheme, which authorities thwarted in January.

A criminal complaint identifies the plot's target as a former corporate attorney in Granite City.

Authorities say one plan Nash explored involved forcing the intended victim into a hot tub and electrocuting him with a radio tossed into the water along with the cat to make it look like the animal was the culprit in the killing.

TME The lesson here? Do not take murder advice from Wile E. Coyote.

Gone in 60 seconds

OGDEN, Utah - Police in Ogden, Utah, say an 8-year-old boy took his 5-year-old sister on a drive in the middle of the night and crashed the family minivan.

Nobody was hurt.

An officer noticed a vehicle had run into a tree next to the Ogden River at about 2 a.m. Thursday and stopped to investigate.

The young driver told the officer he needed to take his little sister to the store.

Police returned the children to their parents. Mom and Dad were asleep and didn't realize the children went on a joyride.

Ogden police Lt. Danielle Croyle tells The Salt Lake Tribune there's no evidence the children were neglected.

No criminal charges are expected, but Croyle says the minivan appears to be totaled.

TME It's like a Disney version of 'The Fast and the Furious.'

This week in obstinate cats

LAFAYETTE, Colorado - U.S. police have ticketed a man who is accused of tying his cat to a rock after the feline refused to go jogging.

Sgt. Fred Palmer says 19-year-old Seth Franco brought his cat on a leash to the path at a local park on Wednesday, but the cat was unable to keep up.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, witnesses told police that Franco secured the cat's leash to a rock while he finished his run. A passer-by called police.

Franco was ticketed on suspicion of 'domestic animal cruel treatment,' a municipal offense.

Palmer says an ordinance in the city, north of Denver, 'prohibits that kind of tethering.'

The cat wasn't injured, so it was released to its owner.

Franco could not immediately be reached for comment.

TME If refusing to jog is a rock-tying offense, we should really be chained to a boulder right now.

Marketing genius

BARNSTABLE, Mass. - Get a vasectomy, eat some pizza and watch some basketball.

That's the idea behind a promotion by a Massachusetts urologists group that's offering a free pizza to vasectomy patients during March Madness.

An administrator with Urology Associates of Cape Cod says it's a lighthearted way to raise awareness about the procedure and drum up business.

Evan Cohen tells the Cape Cod Times that getting a vasectomy during the NCAA basketball tournament is the perfect time because typically a day or two of recovery is needed following the operation, so it gives patients an excuse to lie on the couch and watch hoops.

Dr. Evangelos Geraniotis, a urologist at the practice with offices in Hyannis, Sandwich and Nantucket, calls a vasectomy an 'easy and less stressful' form of birth control.

TME Just don't order sausage. It'll make people uncomfortable.


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