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June 6, 2012

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Aiding an investigation

LA MESA, Calif. - Police say they followed a trail of discarded food wrappers to track down four people accused of stealing from a Little League snack bar.

La Mesa Police Sgt. Colin Atwood tells U-T San Diego that police were called late Thursday about noise at the Rolando Little League snack bar in Rolando Park. Atwood says officers followed a trail of empty cookie, chip and Cheetos packages for about two blocks to a home where more snacks were found in a car.

Atwood says officers found more Little League property, including a cash register, inside the home. He says one man, two women and a girl were arrested for investigation of burglary.

La Mesa is about 10 miles northeast of San Diego.

TME The sign out front that says 'We stole stuff!' might have been overkill.

In the mood

KITTANNING, Pa. - State police say a pair of amorous bovines tied up traffic near the intersection of two rural Pennsylvania highways.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette first reported the situation Friday morning. Trooper John Corna tells The Associated Press it was resolved about 9:15 a.m. when state Department of Agriculture managed to shoo the bull and cow into a trailer.

Corna says the intersection of Routes 28 and 85 in Rayburn Township is busier than usual because of construction, and traffic was hampered when the mating bovines refused to budge. The intersection is about 40 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

Corna says troopers 'kept trying to shoo them off the highway, but that just got the bull mad and it started to escalate.'

The animals are at a nearby farm until their owner is identified.

TME And that's where hamburgers come from.

Inherit the walls

PHOENIX - An Arizona court says a man's heirs are entitled to $500,000 cash that was found in the walls of his former home years after he died.

The Court of Appeals ruling Thursday upholds a judge's decision that the money, stashed in ammunition cans inside the walls, belongs to Robert Spann's estate.

Spann died in 2001. According to the ruling, his daughters found stocks, bonds, cash and gold hidden in his suburban Phoenix home before they sold it seven years later.

The couple who bought the home in Paradise Valley claimed the cash after a worker found it in the walls during kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

The Court of Appeals said that legally, the money was only mislaid, not abandoned, so it still belonged to Spann's estate.

TME There's always money in your father's house.

Breaking worst

SANTA MARIA, Calif. - Police say a drug dealer mistakenly sent messages to a California central coast police officer in an attempt to sell methamphetamines.

The Santa Maria officer notified Santa Barbara County sheriff's detectives about the errant text messages early Tuesday. The officer and detectives then set up a meeting with the alleged drug dealer.

Sheriff's spokesman Drew Sugars says they arrested 39-year-old Reymundo Carlos Escobedo and seized about 2 grams of methamphetamine.

A news release says 37-year-old John Martin Silvera, who is Escobedo's suspected methamphetamine supplier, also arrived and was arrested with about 7 grams of methamphetamine.

Escobedo and Silvera remain held on drug charges, including criminal conspiracy. Bail is set at $30,000 each.

TME Meanwhile, there's a dude looking for meth who keeps getting requests for backup.

This week in proportional responses

HUBER HEIGHTS, Ohio - Police in southwest Ohio say a customer angry over not getting a taco he ordered struck a Taco Bell restaurant's glass entrance with his truck. No one was injured.

Huber Heights police say 23-year-old Michael S. Smith ordered at a drive-up window in the Dayton suburb on Tuesday and later realized he was missing the taco. Officer Brandon Sucher says Smith returned to the restaurant and had angry words with employees before striking the building.

Police tracked the truck's fluid trail to Smith's house a few miles away and arrested him on a vandalism charge.

Sucher says Smith told police he hit the building accidentally after driving off fast and losing control of the truck.

There was no telephone listing for Smith, and he could not immediately be reached for comment.

TME If they'd forgotten the quesadilla, things would have gotten *real*.

You're doing it wrong

ST. PAUL, Minn. - A Minnesota man is in critical condition after surgeons removed an unexploded firework from his chest.

Nick Beheng, 31, was launching fireworks from a hand-held mortar tube Saturday when one of two misfired, according to Anoka County Sheriff's Detective Mike Lapham.

'He lit the tube. One propelled into the air. The other went directly into his chest,' Lapham said.

Beheng was rushed to St. Paul's Regions Hospital, where surgeons summoned the police bomb squad. Police Sgt. Paul Paulos says the bomb squad stood by in the waiting room as the explosive was removed, then took it to a bunker at their training facility in Rosemount.

Paulos says the firework is about the size of an empty paper towel tube and is capable of shooting several hundred feet in the air. The mortar fireworks are illegal in Minnesota, Lapham said.

'People that aren't trained to use them, use them and bad things can happen. It should be left to professionals,' he said.

Beheng was in critical condition Wednesday, according to Regions Hospital spokeswoman Annelise Searle.

TME Say what you will, but Minnesotans are hardcore.


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