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June 19, 2013

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All in the family

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Police say a New Mexico woman who confronted a masked intruder in her home stumbled upon a shocking discovery when she ripped off his disguise - the robber was her grandson. 

KRQE-TV reports that 22-year-old Thomas Clark is facing robbery charges after police say he stole his grandmother's purse during a bizarre robbery at an Albuquerque home. 

According to police, the woman confronted the Clark, dressed in black with a purple bandana over his face, last week when he broke into her home. 

Police say the woman yanked off the mask but Clark pushed her and fled with her purse. 

He was arrested later at his parents' home. 

Police say he confessed and said he did it for casino money. 

It was unclear if he had an attorney. 

TME That's no way to get an advance on your birthday card money, young man.

Playing the fool

VIENNA - Wanted: A jester. Wallflowers need not apply. 

It's no joke. An Austrian hotel is advertising for a modern-day court fool, who is communicative, extroverted, musical, creative and imaginative. 

Applicants are asked to bring - and play - their musical instrument during the job interview. Also welcome: creative costumes. The successful candidate will earn 1,400 euros - around $1,900 - a month. 

Hotel director Melanie Franke says those interested should not think they're on a fool's errand in applying. She says the idea is to treat guests like royalty, noting that 'jesters were a luxury that royal families indulged themselves in.' 

The hotel in Austria's Styria province was designed by famed Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Franke says the jester concept fits its hotel's colorful appearance. 

TME Because nothing says class like being assaulted by a moron with a ukulele.

We have no bananas

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - Drug traffickers back in Colombia must be going bananas over how their shipment ended up at Danish supermarkets and not on the streets. 

Police say employees at the supermarket chain Coop got a big surprise when they opened banana boxes from the South American country and found about 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of what police believe is cocaine. 

The powder was discovered last week in Aarhus, western Denmark, when employees noticed that some of the boxes were heavier than others. 

Coop spokesman Jens Juul says more bags with white powder were found Wednesday in a separate shipment from Colombia at a central dispatch facility in suburban Copenhagen. 

Juul told the Danish news agency Ritzau the company has contacted their Colombian supplier. 

Police are investigating, but haven't made any arrests. 

TME There's always drug money in the banana stand.

Covered bridge

PITTSBURGH - Andy Warhol's art doesn't often conjure warm and fuzzy images - but a proposed tribute to him just might. 

An arts group wants to cover a downtown Pittsburgh bridge named for Warhol with knitted blankets. 

Allegheny County Council must sign off on the plan. But if it goes forward, the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh will use machine-knitted blankets to cover the bridge's towering superstructure while individual blankets knitted by more than 1,200 volunteers will be used to cover its walkways. 

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review hopes to cover the bridge in mid-August and leave the blankets in place for about a month. 

After the blankets are removed, they'll be washed and distributed to homeless shelters, nursing homes and animal shelters. 

Knit-the-Bridge leader Amanda Gross says, 'The point is to knit stronger communities.' 

TME Even bridges get chilly at night.

Reception robbery

CHICORA, Pa. - A Pennsylvania woman has been charged with stealing money from cards brought to a wedding reception she was attending - and trying to hide the loot in her bra. 

State police say 40-year-old Jennifer Ann Martz, of Chicora, attended Saturday's wedding with her boyfriend, who was an invited guest. 

The Butler Eagle reports guests found 11 cards missing from a gift table and noticed Martz heading to the ladies room. Police say Martz ripped up the cards and tried to flush them down a toilet, while stuffing $475 in cash and $80 in checks into her bra. That's where other female guests told police they found the loot. 

Martz doesn't have a listed phone, and online court records don't list an attorney for her. 

The groom's brother, Jeremy Scherer, says Martz 'ruined the whole time for everybody.' 

TME Usually, stuffing money in the underwear only happens at the bachelor party.

Get off my lawn!

WINFIELD, Mo. - A Missouri woman is accused of trying to scare children by approaching them with a chain saw while wearing a ski mask. 

The Lincoln County Sheriff's Department says Lynn Marie Herzog of Winfield, Mo., is charged with felony harassment in the Sunday incident. 

Patricia Manker called the police after she saw Herzog yelling at her son and his friend and walking toward them with the mask and chain saw. 

According to a probable cause statement, Manker and another neighbor say the 50-year-old woman has also been seen photographing and videotaping neighborhood kids. 

Herzog is jailed on $10,000 bond. She doesn't have an attorney. 

Sheriff's department spokesman Andy Binder said the chain saw was not running during the alleged incident. Manker told police she didn't believe the children were in danger.

TME Thus proving once again that there's no problem that a chainsaw can't solve.


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