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August 7, 2013

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Weird National Briefs Weird National Briefs

Purloined pizza

SEATTLE - When a delivery driver called 911 to report he'd just been robbed of four pizzas, a Seattle Police K-9 went to work.

The driver told police he parked his van late Thursday night and walked the order up to a south Seattle home, only to be told the resident hadn't ordered any pizza. That's when four men walked out from under a tree, said the pizzas were theirs - and grabbed them.

In a post on their website, police said the delivery man told officers he chased after the men, but lost sight of them.

Responding officers called for a police dog, which quickly found the pizzas stashed under a car. Police returned the pies to the driver.

The thieves got away.

TME The dog also located several bags of Doritos and a DVD copy of 'Pineapple Express.'

If the shoe fits

ALTOONA, Pa. - Police in central Pennsylvania are hoping to find the person who fits a pair of pink shoes he left behind after police say he accosted a woman, took $200 from her, then fled on a neon green bike.

Altoona police Lt. Jeffrey Pratt tells the Altoona Mirror, 'We have his shoes' - a pair of pink Adidas. Police say the robber swiped a bank envelope containing the cash out of the woman's hands after she left the Investment Savings Bank about noon Thursday.

They say the suspect ran out of his shoes before hopping on a black-and-neon-green-colored BMX-style bike and peddling away.

TME It's like a gritty reboot of 'Cinderella.'

Shark week!

NANTUCKET, Mass. - A cleaning crew has found an unexpected mess after arriving at Sea Dog Brew Pub on Nantucket: a 5-foot-long shark blocking the door.

Pub manager Jimmy Agnew says he doesn't know why anyone would have dumped the sea creature there.

Nantucket's public works department hauled the dead shark away after its discovery around 7 a.m. Thursday.

But Agnew said the pub fielded calls and questions all day long after word got out about the land shark.

He said a comedian whose band performs at the pub also posted a series of jokes about it on Facebook.

One suggested the shark went to Sea Dog 'to meet his chums.'

TME They're gonna need a bigger bar.

Keep the change

MARION, Ill. - A southern Illinois businessman has paid off part of a court-ordered legal settlement with nearly four tons of quarters packed into dozens of bags.

Roger Herrin, of Harrisburg, was ordered by an appellate court to repay $500,000 in insurance money related to a 2001 car accident in which his teenage son died.

The reimbursement followed years of legal disputes about how the insurance money was apportioned to the crash victims.

So in protest, Herrin repaid nearly a third of the money - $150,000 - with 50-pound bags of quarters he had trucked in by the Federal Reserve bank in St. Louis. The coins were delivered Wednesday to a Marion law firm.

Herrin says he paid in quarters because paying in pennies wasn't feasible.

TME Now that is change we can believe in.

Snakes in a flame

SALT LAKE CITY - Firefighters arrived at a U.S. home to put out a blaze and discovered more than flames - 28 snakes, six of them deadly.

The man didn't have a permit for the six venomous snakes - five rattlers and a gaboon viper - and he may face misdemeanor charges.

The viper, native to Africa, is considered one of the most dangerous in the world.

The snakes were inside cages in a separate room and were removed as firefighters put out the kitchen blaze on Friday in Utah. All of the snakes survived.

'I don't think firefighters were ever in danger from the snakes, except for the creep factor,' said North Davis Fire Chief Mark Becraft.

The poisonous snakes were confiscated by the Utah Division of Wildlife, where Capt. Tony Wood was trying to determine their fate.

The owner has been described variously by officials as a snake professional or breeder. Officials said the snakes were well fed and in good condition and that there was no threat to anyone in the neighborhood.

TME Coming soon to the SyFy Channel: 'Snakeferno.'

Thinning the herd

ATLANTA - Organizers of a new event planned for several U.S. cities plan to unleash bulls that will sprint down a track alongside daredevils who will try to avoid being trampled.

The Great Bull Run is inspired by the annual running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain.

Injuries are common at bull runs, but organizers of the U.S. events say theirs will be different, with several safety features. They plan to put fencing up and hold events at venues such as auto racing tracks and horse parks.

The first event is set for Aug. 24 at a drag-racing strip south of Richmond, Va. Another is set for Oct. 19 at an Atlanta-area horse park used in the 1996 Olympics. More events are planned later for Texas, Florida, California, Minnesota, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

TME Safety features? What a bunch of bullcrap.

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