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August 29, 2012

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Casino cougar (not that kind)

RENO, Nev. - A mountain lion has been caught after trying to slip into a casino in downtown Reno, Nevada, ahead of the breakfast rush.

Nevada Department of Wildlife spokesman Chris Healy says the young male cat's behavior was 'almost the equivalent of being a stupid teenager.'

Healy says coming-of-age cougars often end up where they shouldn't after being chased out of a territory by adults.

Guests at Harrah's reported seeing the 100-pound cat trying to walk into the casino Friday morning. When the animal couldn't negotiate the revolving door, it hid under an outdoor stage in a nearby plaza.

State wildlife officials tranquilized the roughly 2-year-old cat and plan to release it into the wild after tagging it for participation in a University of Nevada, Reno study.

No injuries were reported.

TME He just wanted to put down two bills on Detroit winning the Super Bowl.

Best wedding ceremony ever?

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. - Here comes the bride, all dressed in a jet pack that's zipping down a California beach.

Amanda Volf and Grant Engler donned water-powered packs Thursday to be married in Newport Beach.

The 25-year-old former wedding planner from Grand Rapids, Mich., says she wanted a unique ceremony. So the couple donned the $90,000 contraptions on their backs, along with a wetsuit for the groom and white board shorts and a rash-guard shirt for the bride.

The jetpacks from Jetlev Southwest helped the couple hover a few feet above the water, to the cheers of their wedding guests.

Everything went smoothly - except for a kayaker who capsized during the newlyweds' first dance on the water.

TME James Bond performed the service and SPECTRE catered the affair.

What a jerk!

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Police are searching for a wig-wearing man who went to extreme measures to burglarize an Albuquerque beef jerky store.

KRQE-TV reports that surveillance video at Mike's Jerky shows a man ramming a brick through the store's glass door several times and squeezing through a small opening to get his hands on some flavored-jerky.

The store's owner Michael Grier says the video of the recent burglary also shows that the bandit knew his beef jerky as he went around the store snapping up the ones full of pepper, salt, and bacon.

Grier says the man could probably make a few hundred bucks selling the stolen beef jerky on the street.

No arrests have been made.

TME Hold on a second - there are beef jerky stores? Why weren't we told?

This week in criminal masterminds

BIG BEAVER, Pa. - Police say a western Pennsylvania woman blamed her nonexistent twin sister for stealing items from a hotel room.

The Beaver County Times reports Wednesday that police charged 31-year-old Jennifer Brown, of Rochester, with false reports and theft.

State police say Brown took some bed clothes, an alarm clock, coffee pot, basket and a hair dryer - worth a total of $206 - from the Holiday Inn in Big Beaver on Aug. 5. Police say they found Brown in another hotel nearby and she claimed her twin sister had taken the items.

When police found no record of a sister, they say Brown claimed her sister had just returned the items, which police found in the other hotel room.

Brown doesn't have an attorney. Police say relatives confirmed she doesn't have a twin.

TME We're pretty sure this happened on 'Days of our Lives.'

Blaming the victim

PLAINFIELD, N.J. - Police say a thief got away after two good Samaritans grabbed the wrong person on a northern New Jersey street.

The Samaritans were driving down a street in Plainfield when they saw what appeared to be a man assaulting a woman early Monday.

But it turns out the man was walking down the street when he said the woman robbed him of about $400 in cash and a gold chain.

Public Safety Director Martin Hellwig tells the Courier News of Bridgewater the suspect ran off when the passing motorists intervened.

Investigators are using videotape to try to identify the suspect.

TME It turns out it was just a typical day on the set of 'Jersey Shore.'

The way of the samurai

BUFFALO, N.Y. - Police in Buffalo are looking for a man who used a samurai sword to rob a gas station before being fought off by an employee swinging a baseball bat.

WGRZ-TV reports that the sword-wielding man had just robbed a Sunoco station around 3 a.m. Tuesday when a bystander attempted to stop him.

During a scuffle, the man with the sword cut the bystander's face. The gas station employee then hit the attacker with a baseball bat. The assailant fled on foot.

The man who was cut by the sword was taken to Erie County Medical Center for treatment.

TME It's true what they say the bat is mightier than the sword.


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