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March 6, 2013

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Easy target

BREWER Walking in the street is a surefire way of getting someone's attention. If that someone is a police officer and you have an active warrant, you might go to jail. And it's also unsafe to walk in the road.

On Feb. 18 around 3:55 p.m. Cpl. Steve Boyd stopped Robert Doyer, 46, of Brewer, because he walking in the road. Since Doyer had an active warrant, he was placed under arrest and taken to Penobscot County Jail.

Out of gas

BANGOR  An area man allegedly drove his vehicle into some gas pumps at a Bangor gas station early Monday morning.

On March 4, around 8:33 a.m., Officer Jim Dearing responded to the Circle K Store at 489 Broadway to the report of a vehicle that had run into one of the gas pumps. 

Dearing located Timmy Dailey, 38, of Bangor, who was reportedly driving the Dodge Sedan and noted that there was extensive damage not only to the vehicle, but also the gas pumps and the guide wire to the telephone pole owned by Bangor Hydro. The collision had caused a power outage to surrounding residences and businesses. Daily told the officer that his foot had become caught in the accelerator, causing him to careen out of control and strike the gas pump.

The officer located several hypodermic needles inside the car and on the ground near the vehicle. He also located a pill that was later identified as Adderall in the car. 

Dailey was charged with possession of a schedule W drug and a drug recognition expert has also filed a report that is pending review by the District Attorney's office, which may result in additional charges.

School locks down; police find no threat

NORRIDGEWOCK  Maine State Police say there was no threat to the Mill Stream Elementary School in Norridgewock after two first graders told their teacher on March 4 that they thought they saw a man in dark clothing near the school and that the man might have a rifle. 

The students were in their classroom at the time and the school was put into lockdown. Nearly three dozen state troopers, deputies and game wardens responded to the school, located along Route 2, along with dozens of parents. 

After the students were interviewed, it was determined that no gun had been seen. The lockdown was lifted about an hour later and parents who had gathered at the school were told that there was no threat.  Many of the parents decided to take their children home.

A state trooper remained at the school throughout the day, which was also the site of town-wide voting that day and a town meeting that evening.


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