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July 31, 2013

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Woman runs from warrants

OLD TOWN Police are searching for a woman with active warrants who reportedly fled from police.

On July 26, around 12:30 a.m., Officer Jim Fearon was on foot patrol downtown when he noticed a couple of people sitting in the gazebo. The park closes for the night at 10:30 p.m. He approached them, explained that the park was closed and asked for their identification.

MugShotThe woman gave him an ID that indicated she was Brianna Stein, 22 of Hermon, and dispatch informed Fearon that she had bail conditions as well as two active warrants for arrest. When he told her she had warrants, she told him that she didn't think she did, but he confirmed with dispatch that she did in fact have active warrants. When he informed her she would be placed under arrest, she took off running.

Despite calling in backup, including a Maine State Police canine, they were unable to locate Stein.

Fearon has requested additional warrants on Stein, including failure to submit to arrest and violation of bail conditions. At the time of printing she is still missing.

Who let the dog out?

EAST MACHIAS A Michigan man is facing charges after police learned he let someone else's dog out of the residence.

On July 22, Trooper Jeff Taylor received a criminal trespassing complaint in East Machias. The caller had returned home and found a man, later identified as Daniel Matonic, 52, of Highland, Michigan, on the property.

Matonic reportedly admitted that he had been walking past the residence and heard the complainant's dog barking, so he let it out of the residence. 

Matonic was summoned for criminal trespassing.

He got hosed

KENDUSKEAG Various agencies responded to a residence in Kenduskeag, where a caller reported that a man was being beaten by another group of men. When officers from the Penobscot County Sheriff's Office, Maine State Police and the Maine Warden Service arrived, they learned that the man in question had passed out after using drugs and alcohol and had been carried outside. In an effort to wake him, one of the men, identified as Walter Sawyer, 36, sprayed the unconscious man with a hose, to no effect.

Police learned that Sawyer had an active warrant. They placed him under arrest and escorted him to Penobscot County Jail. The unidentified unconscious man was transported to the hospital.

Cutting with words, then knives

CORINTH Police say that a man who was mad about being taunted by neighbors returned with a knife to settle the score.

On July 27, police were called to a residence at the Main Road in Corinth and learned that Joshua Williams, 31, had been teased by neighbors. He took a large knife and returned, where he was disarmed by the homeowner, but not before inflicting a cut to the man's thumb and reportedly inflicting a minor cut on the arm of a woman who was also there.

Williams was arrested and charged with aggravated reckless conduct, a class B felony, and class E assault. Alcohol was reportedly involved.

Man cuts own chase short

JONESPORT An area man didn't get too far when he tried to elude police over the weekend.

On July 28, Trooper Jeff Taylor attempted to pull over Robert Leighton, 29, of Jonesport for speeding. Instead of stopping, Leighton reportedly accelerated, but then crashed on the southbound lane, receiving minor scratches. Taylor arrested him and charged him with eluding a police officer, operating under the influence, operating after suspension and criminal speeding.

Leighton reportedly refused medical treatment.

You don't belong here

OLD TOWN A couple staying in an abandoned house have been charged with criminal trespassing and may be facing more charges related to possible theft of copper pipes and wiring from that same house.

Sgt. Michael Hashey was on patrol on July 27 around 9:45 p.m. when he saw two people walking in the roadway. He waited for them and expressed his concern. He identified the pair as Robert Davis, 24, and Bridgett Spencer, 29. They indicated they lived in Veazie.

Hashey went on his way, but then came across the couple again on the Bennoch Road near Spring Street. Since this wasn't on the way to Veazie, he pulled over and approached on foot. Police had received reports of burglary and theft from a vacant house on the Bennoch Road, where copper pipes and wiring had been removed. Police later determined the couple in fact had no fixed address.

When Hashey couldn't locate the pair outside, he called for backup. When other officers arrived, they found the residence unlocked and proceeded inside. They located Davis and Spencer on the first floor, along with pipe cutters and a receipt in Davis's name from a local recycler. Both denied stealing the copper.

Both were charged with criminal trespass with more charges possibly pending.


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