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February 27, 2013

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Wait how'd you get here?

NEWPORT A deputy familiar with a couple who appeared at court in Newport also apparently knew that neither had a valid license.

On Feb. 13, Jacob Hurd, 24, of Charleston, attended session at Newport District Court where Dep. Bobby Pelletier saw him and his girlfriend. Pelletier knew that Hurd's license was suspended and his girlfriend's license had been revoked. Knowing the pair lived a fair distance away and appearing to be attending the court session without anyone else, he followed them back to a vehicle that was parked a few streets away. 

After they started the car and drove away, the deputy stopped them. Hurd was arrested for violation of bail and the vehicle was towed.

Snow bank curbs high speed chase

EDDINGTON - On Feb. 18, Dep. Darren Mason was on patrol on Main Road in Eddington when he saw an oncoming vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. The deputy clocked the vehicle traveling at 90 miles per hour in a posted 40 mph zone. He pulled off to the side and as the vehicle approached he activated his blue lights, hoping the car would slow and possibly stop. It did neither, according to authorities, and continued at its high rate of speed.

Mason followed the vehicle and saw it turn onto Hill Street while the driver was still speeding. As he located where the car had gone, he could see where the driver had lost control and hit a snowbank as well as several mail boxes before becoming stuck. The driver fled the vehicle into the woods.

Mason waited until backup arrived. They then tracked the suspect by the footprints he left in the snow to where he was hiding in the trees.

Deputies arrested Justin Brier, 19, of Orrington, and he was charged with eluding an officer (a felony), exceeding the speed limit by 30 miles per hour or more, leaving the scene of a personal injury accident, refusal to submit to arrest or detention and operating without a license. Brier had a restricted license prohibiting any alcohol in his system.

Responding in a mature manner to a reasonable request

MATTAWAMKEAG  On Feb. 20, around 6:32, Tpr. Tucker Bonnevie was called to a residence in Mattawamkeag where there was a reported domestic incidence during which a car was stolen. 

The investigation revealed that the 18-year-old son became upset when his mother asked him to turn down his music. The son allegedly threw items and broke some glassware before leaving in his mother's vehicle to drive to his girlfriend's house.

When police located her son, the mother didn't wish to pursue charges.

A cop when you need one

OLD TOWN  An Old Town woman is facing charges after she allegedly got into an altercation with another driver in a parking lot and drove off, reportedly hitting the other vehicle as she departed.

On Feb. 20, Officer Ryan Fitch was on Stillwater Avenue when he saw a silver car stopped on the traffic median. There was a green vehicle in the left turn lane and two women were outside. The women returned to their respective vehicles, and the silver car drove off heading east before striking green car.

Fitch drove up and activated his blue lights, thinking the silver car would stop. However, he noted the plate number, which turned out to be prudent as the silver car reportedly kept driving. Fitch radioed a description to dispatch and then spoke with the driver of the green vehicle.

The driver of the green vehicle said there had been a verbal altercation after she had been driving down the road when the silver car began backing out as she drove by. While waiting at the red light, the silver car reportedly boxed her in, preventing her from leaving. The victim said the driver yelled at her for cutting her off, then drove away and struck her car. Fitch estimated the damage to be between $500 and $800.

Police located the silver vehicle at its home residence and the driver, identified as Carrie Belknap, 34, of Old Town, reportedly claimed she confronted the driver for driving too fast in the parking lot before she became frightened and drove off. She conceded she may have hit the vehicle, according to police. The damage to the silver vehicle was estimated to be $1,500.

Belknap was summoned for leaving the scene of an accident and failure to give notice of an accident by quickest means.

We don't have any marijuana. Oh, you mean that marijuana

OLD TOWN  Going the wrong way on the highway is usually enough to get the attention of authorities, and having drugs in the car is enough to keep that attention fixed on you, as two area men reportedly found.

On Feb. 23, Officer Ryan Fitch was patrolling Bennoch Road when he saw a vehicle take a right-hand turn and enter the interstate the wrong way. The driver turned around and exited, and the officer stopped the vehicle. When he approached the vehicle to speak with the driver, he noticed the smell of freshly burned marijuana.

He identified the driver as Wayne Grover, 47, of Frankfort, and the passenger as Anthony Warf, 47, of Hermon. When he asked about marijuana in the vehicle, both denied possessing any. Fitch told the pair that he would be searching the vehicle, and Warf recalled that he had marijuana and produced a pipe and handed it over, claiming it was all he had, according to police.

However, Fitch noticed that Warf appeared to be hiding something, and informed both that he would be searching them as well as the vehicle. Warf then produced a baggie that contained marijuana as well as eight pills that were later confirmed to be Percocet. Warf did not have a prescription for Percocet, and did not have a prescription card for the marijuana, according to police.

Officer Jim Fearon arrived to assist, and Grover exited the vehicle. He then told the officer that he just remembered that he had a baggie of marijuana as well, and it was located in the pocket of his sweatshirt.

Grover was charged with possession of a useable amount of marijuana. Warf was charged with possession of a useable amount of marijuana and unlawful possession of a schedule W drug.


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