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Criminal Mischief - May 7th, 2014

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Is that a TV dinner in your pants?

OLD TOWN A man with around $200 in cash is facing charges for allegedly shoplifting a TV dinner.

Sgt. Lori Renzullo and Officer Christine McAvoy were called to Rite Aid for the report of a shoplifter. When the officers arrived, employees were able to give a good description of the man and reported that he had attempted to take three TV dinners and leave without paying. When confronted he paid for two, but left with one still concealed in his pants.

Officers were able to locate Lydon Cacavollia, 29, of Old Town. They found a receipt that included two out of three of the TV Dinners as well as approximately $200 in cash. He was charged with theft.

Noise complaint leads to charges

OLD TOWN An Old Town man was arrested after he reportedly failed to heed a disorderly conduct warning.

On May 3, around 1 a.m. Officers Joshua Tilton and Keith Emery were called to deal with a noise complaint at a Brunswick Street apartment. Callers reported a tenant there being loud and making threats. When officers arrived, they spoke with Jason Severance, 38, of Old Town, who was issued a written disorderly conduct warning. Police noted that after he signed it, Severance slammed the door.

Around 2:30 a.m., dispatch sent the officers back to the apartment for another noise complaint. Officers parked at a distance and walked to the apartment. Outside, they could hear yelling through the door. They knocked and announced as police officers, but Severance refused to leave his apartment. Officer Emery went hands-on with him and Tilton was able to place handcuffs on him. He was taken to Penobscot County Jail and charged with disorderly conduct.

Bail conditions land man back in jail

OLD TOWN An Old Town man is facing charges for reportedly violating his bail.

On April 30, around 8:15, Officer Joshua Tilton and Sgt. Lee Miller went to a Water Street apartment to check on a 911 hang-up call. Officers spoke to the woman and explained their presence and noted that James Snyder, 42, of Old Town was present. Snyder was reportedly out on bail, with conditions not to have contact with the woman.

Police had Snyder step out, and he told officers that he had been at the residence overnight. He was placed under arrest and taken to Penobscot County Jail where he was charged with violations of conditions of release.

The kind of tourists we hate

YARMOUTH The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency's (MDEA) announced the arrest of a Massachusetts man for distributing heroin throughout the Brunswick and Sagadahoc County area. Arrested is Alex Santiago, 25, of Boston, Massachusetts for class A aggravated trafficking in W drugs (heroin).

For the past month, agents from the MDEA Mid-Coast and Cumberland District Task Force's conducted an investigation into the increased presence of heroin in Brunswick and Sagadahoc County. Agents learned that a group of Massachusetts men, including Santiago, would travel to Maine on a weekly basis with large amounts of heroin. They would then distribute the drugs to local dealers, who in turn sold it to users. The men would then return to Mass. for more heroin.

On April 30, around 11:30 a.m., Santiago was arrested without incident in a parking lot on Route 1 in Yarmouth after he delivered 10 grams of heroin to an undercover agent. Agents seized 10 grams of bulk heroin, which is commonly diluted and separated into individual doses before being sold to users. Agents estimate the value of the heroin at $3,000.

Santiago was transported to the Cumberland County Jail where bail was set at $15,000. Santiago was charged with a Class A offense due to having a prior drug trafficking conviction and trafficking in over six grams of heroin. The investigation is continuing into this Massachusetts group and additional arrests are expected.

Assisting MDEA in this investigation were officers from the Brunswick, Bath and Yarmouth Police Departments as well as deputies of the Sagadahoc Sheriff's Department and the U.S. Marshal's Service's Violent Offenders Task Force.

Theft of beer' leads to felony charges

OLD TOWN An Old Town man is facing felony charges for allegedly taking a Bud Lite from a Hannaford.

Officers Brent Fournier and Jordan Norton received a theft complaint from Hannaford. Employees reported that a man in a dark hoodie had taken alcohol from the store. When he was confronted, he fled on foot. Officers were told he had been accompanied by a woman with a small child.

Officer Norton located the woman and child and asked about the incident. She informed the officer that her husband, a 29-year-old male, had gone inside, and when he came out he handed her a bag with two bottles of soda. An employee came out and confronted him about the alcohol. The man asked if he could just give the item back and was told no, so he fled.

Officers located the man at his home and arrested him for violating his bail. He was also charged with class C felony theft due to previous theft convictions. The alcohol that was stolen was reportedly Bud Lite.

Editors at The Maine Edge have opted not to name the man for the sake of the wife and small child in the story who were not charged.

Unity drug arrests

UNITY The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency arrested two men in Unity for unlawful trafficking in heroin, unlawful trafficking in marijuana and possession of hydromorphone. Arrested were Robert Hubbard, 51, and Spencer McGarey, 43, both of Unity. Hubbard was charged with Class C trafficking in schedule Z drugs (marijuana) and class C possession of hydromorphone. McGarey was charged with class C trafficking in schedule Z drugs (marijuana) and class C trafficking in schedule W drugs (heroin).

Over the past two months, agents from the Mid-Coast District Task Force conducted an investigation and uncover purchases of marijuana from Hubbard and heroin from McGarey. Hubbard is registered with the State of Maine as a Certified Care Giver under the Maine Medical Use Marijuana Program (MMMP). The investigation revealed Hubbard to be selling marijuana he grew in his Unity residence to non- qualified patients.

At about 10 a.m. May 1, drug agents served a search warrant at Hubbard's and McGarey's Unity home. Found were 94 marijuana plants, none of which had a legible tags affixed to them bearing the qualified patients name as required under the MMMP. Also seized were over five pounds of processed marijuana and numerous prescription pills including hydromorphone. Three guns were also seized. Neither Hubbard nor McGarey possesses prescriptions for medical marijuana, and no qualified patients live at the house. Hubbard and McGarey were transported to the Waldo County Jail. The investigation is continuing as well as coordinating with the MMMP.

Assisting in this investigation were State Police and deputies from the Waldo County Sheriff's Office.


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