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Criminal Mischief (12/11/2019)

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Cianbro chairman’s cannon charges

BANGOR — The chairman of construction company Cianbro Corp. is facing charges over the firing of a small cannon that injured a referee at a Maine Maritime Academy football game earlier this fall.

According to reports, Peter Vigue was indicted in Hancock County on Dec. 5 on charges of aggravated assault, reckless conduct with a firearm and possessing or discharging a firearm on a school property.

Law enforcement officals say that the 72-year-old Vigue, an alumnus of MMA, fired his own cannon in tandem with the school’s tradition of firing one when the team scored a touchdown. In the process, something discharged and hit a referee in the head. The referee was subsequently treated and released.

Vigue served as CEO of the Pittsfield-based Cianbro from 2001 to 2018, when he stepped down from that role to be replaced by his son. The elder Vigue remains chairman of the board.

Semis seized for unpaid tolls

POLAND – Maine State Police recently seized five tractor trailers – all owned by the same company which owes about $75,000 in unpaid tolls to the Maine Turnpike Authority.

On Dec. 6, the State Police Commercial Vehicle Unit impounded five tractor trailers owned and operated by Commodity Haulers Express of North Kingston, Rhode Island. The truck company is facing felony theft of services charges after racking up approximately $75,000 in unpaid toll debt over the past three years.

Last month, State Police Corporal Chris Rogers was asked to investigate a toll evasion case by the Maine Turnpike Authority. The Turnpike Authority reported that Commodity Haulers Express, which employs a fleet of approximately 20 trucks, had amassed an unpaid toll fare bill of approximately $75,000 over a three-year period utilizing 12 different tractor trailer trucks. The company had been notified of the unpaid bill multiple times by the Turnpike Authority. and their right to operate their vehicles in Maine had been suspended by the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

Cpl. Rogers conducted surveillance and created a timeline of when the offending trucks were entering and leaving Maine. This morning, Troopers located five of the offending trucks. One was stopped southbound in York along the Maine Turnpike and the four others were stopped along Route 122 in Poland. The trucking company hauls Poland Spring Water. The water company was not aware or involved in the unpaid tolls.

The tolls owed from the five trucks seized was about $42,000. The trucks and their respective debts are:

2007 Freightliner RI AP 33719 - $12822.50; 1999 Freightliner RI AP 34622 - $4815; 2007 Freightliner RI AP 30192 - $12934.75; 2006 Freightliner RI AP 33718 - $10306.50; and 2000 Freightliner RI AP 22268 - $670.

The trucks were towed to Copp Motors in Cumberland where they will remain until the toll bills have been paid.

Hands-free habits slow to develop

BIDDEFORD (AP) — A sting operation by a Maine police department found that lots of drivers haven’t changed their habits in the wake of the state’s new hands-free cell phone law for drivers.

The law that went into effect in September bans drivers from holding phones while driving. The Portland Press Herald reports police agencies have been handing out tickets faster than analysts anticipated since then.

Biddeford’s police department set up a sting to get an idea of how the laws have changed driving habits. Officers in the city have written 83 tickets and observed twice that number of additional violations during a period of about two weeks since the push started.

Maine police wrote 232 tickets in the first month of the law. Analysts predicted that number would be 137.

Counterfeit cash in Auburn

AUBURN (AP) — Auburn police say they have arrested three people who tried to pass counterfeit hundred dollar bills at a Home Depot Store in the city.

Police say as officers arrived at the store on Friday evening, two of the suspects tried to flee on foot. All three suspects were taken into custody.

Police say the two men and woman from New York had been traveling through Maine, using counterfeit money to buy high value items at different Home Depot stores. They were able to purchase $3,500 worth of merchandise at one store using counterfeit bills.

They were denied similar purchases at other stores before arriving in Auburn.

Police say the suspects’ vehicle contained large amounts of cash that is believed to be fake and merchandise suspected to have been obtainined through fraudulent activity. They are each being held on $25,000 bail.

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