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Criminal Mischief (10/18/2017)

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Horse-drawn havoc

WHITEFIELD (AP) — Officials in a Maine town say they hope to work with a growing Amish community to prevent accidents involving horse-drawn buggies after two recent crashes.

Police and transportation officials say more signs and warnings can be added in Whitefield to warn people about the presence of buggies on roadways. But some officials say no matter how many signs are put up, it’s up to motorists to be aware of their Amish neighbors.

The Morning Sentinel reports that the sheriff’s department intends to meet as early as next week to discuss some ideas brought up at a Select Board meeting this week.

Officials say no one was seriously hurt in two crashes on Sept. 28 and Oct. 4.

‘Fantastically crazy’ flyers

SOUTH PORTLAND (AP) — Police say they can’t do anything about flyers being distributed around South Portland that warn of imminent nuclear war and extraterrestrial involvement in international politics.

South Portland police say the flyers began turning up Wednesday evening, distributed on car windshields parked at a local mall. The Portland Press Herald reported that there are two different flyers being circulated; one that contends Russian President Vladimir Putin is threatening a pre-emptive nuclear strike and another that discusses the dangers of extraterrestrial involvement in human affairs.

Sgt. Adam Howard says they are “fantastically crazy,” but there is nothing that elevates the flyers to a hate crime. He says they would like to learn more about the person distributing the flyers for the purposes of public safety.

Under where?

LIMERICK (AP) — Maine police say a teenager is charged with multiple counts of burglary after he acknowledged stealing women’s underwear from multiple homes.

York County Sheriff William King Jr. said Sunday they first received reports of three burglaries in Limerick on Sept. 30. Police say a woman told them she saw someone peeping in her windows.

After an investigation, police found the teenager who acknowledged breaking into several homes and stealing women’s underwear. King says the teen led officials to a hiding spot where they recovered nearly 70 pieces of stolen undergarments.

Victims identified most of the undergarments as theirs.

The teen has been charged with three counts of burglary, and he is scheduled to appear in court on Dec. 5.

Underage drinking party leads to multiple charges

CARY PLANTATION – An underage drinking party has led to charges for at least two juveniles.

At just after 1:30 a.m. on Oct. 15, the State Police received an anonymous complaint of an underage drinking party in Cary Plantation. Tr. Carman Lilley and Sgt. Alden Bustard responded to a residence on the Haney Rd. to look for the party. The party was located behind a residence in a field.

Troopers made contact with several juveniles and while looking for others that fled into the woods, a 17-year-old male started his 2011 Jeep Wrangler and accelerated as Tr. Lilley was approaching the vehicle.

The Jeep sideswiped another vehicle that was parked in front of it causing damage. A high-speed chase ensued; the pursuit moved from the Haney Rd. on to US Rt. 1 southbound towards Orient; the vehicle reached speeds as high as 90 mph before going off the road near the Orient Port of Entry. The juvenile male was apprehended after a short foot chase and was arrested and transported to the Aroostook County Jail.

The male will face felony level charges due to his actions. The male was not injured and the vehicle had minor damage from going off the road. All told, the pursuit covered a distance of approximately 17 miles.

The juvenile male that was responsible for the party will face charges as well for providing a place for minors to consume alcohol. The investigation into both incidents is continuing.

Corrections officer resigns after drug arrest

YORK (AP) — A Maine county sheriff says a corrections officer resigned after being arrested for bringing drugs into York County Jail.

York County Sheriff William King said that 24-year-old former corrections officer Andre Sims was arrested Saturday night on charges of drug trafficking and trafficking in prison contraband.

King said Alfred resident Sims brought the drug Suboxone into the facility. Suboxone is the brand name of buprenorphine, which can help treat heroin addiction and also be abused by individuals seeking to get high.

Sims resigned from the sheriff’s office after his arrest.

He was released on $500 cash bail and is scheduled to appear in Alfred Superior Court on Dec. 8.


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