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Criminal Mischief (10/04/2017)

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A badly-behaved bull wreaked havoc in Harrington recently before being apprehended. A badly-behaved bull wreaked havoc in Harrington recently before being apprehended. (Photo courtesy Maine State Police via Facebook)

Where’s the beef?

HARRINGTON – Law enforcement officials got a little bit more than they bargained for when a bull went full china shop on the town of Harrington.

At around 10 a.m. on the morning of Sept. 29, Trooper Jeff Taylor was called to a “bull at large” on the Wilson District Road in Harrington. The bull had destroyed a mo-ped, killed a cat and attempted to gain entry into a nearby house, prompting the call to authorities.

Tr. Taylor and Warden Bayley Grant arrived on scene. Luckily a passerby from Cherryfield, who just so happened to be an avid cow farmer himself, stopped to help. The good Samaritan wrangled the bull back into the pasture where another cow was grazing.

Assuming the animals were secure, Tr. Taylor and Warden Grant were preparing to clear the scene. The bull found another hole in the fence and effected another escape while also coaxing the cow to follow suit.

Both the bull and the cow were now both at large and returning to the scene of the initial crime for reasons unknown. Just when all hope appeared to be lost, the same Samaritan re-appeared and wrangled the bull yet again. Tr. Taylor and Warden Grant walked the cow back to the pasture.

Contact was made with the bull's owner. Reinforcements - in the form of friends and persons familiar with that particular bull - were sent over to mitigate the situation and all was well. No charges are expected.

Smell you later

YORK (AP) - A Maine police officer put his nose in harm's way during a wildlife rescue.

York Police Department officer David McKinnon came upon a skunk with its head stuck inside a cup while on patrol early Sunday.

He decided to help despite the high risk of a malodorous outcome.

He recorded video with his smartphone in one hand and gently tugged on the paper cup with the other hand while speaking reassuringly to the skunk.

Once freed, the skunk lifted its tail in preparation to spray. But it decided instead to scamper away as McKinnon exclaimed, ``I never thought in a million years!''

The video had 41,000 views on Facebook as of Wednesday, and McKinnon earned praise for his bravery in the face of a potentially stinky rescue.

Down by the docks

TREMONT (AP) - A New York couple who took a wrong turn and mistakenly drove into the Atlantic Ocean in the town of Tremont had to be rescued by firefighters.

According to reports, firefighters were called to the docks in Tremont around 8 p.m. on Spt. 25 after there were reports of two people trapped in a car in the water. Officials say the couple’s SUV was in 8-to-10 feet (2.4 to 3.1 meters) of water after they traveled down a boat ramp into the water.

Rescuers were able to pull the couple onto a skiff, and then pulled the SUV back to shore. An ambulance crew evaluated the couple.

Elusive Dixmont man arrested

DIXMONT – A Dixmont man who had been eluding authorities since a Sept. 21 chase has been arrested and taken into custody.

On Sept. 29, law enforcement officials - working on several tips with regards to Jesse Weeman’s whereabouts following the Sept. 21 chase - executed a search and arrest warrant at a residence in Dixmont.

Weeman was located at the residence and taken into custody without issue. He is being held at Somerset County Jail. All of Section 3 Troopers from Troop E, D, and C, Detectives and Probation Officers assisted.

Arrestee attempts escape

HOWLAND – A Howland man managed to escape the car after being taken into custody, leading to a brief foot chase before he was re-apprehended.

At a little after 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 27, Penobscot County Sheriff Deputies Cpl. Ryan Fitch and Deputy Don Buldoc responded to a 911 call of a family fight on Third Street in Howland.

After investigating the incident, the deputies arrested 32-year-old John T. Havlin of Howland for Domestic Violence – Assault, Unlawful Sexual Touching. Havlin was cooperative and transported to the Penobscot County Jail.

In the process of transporting Havlin on I-95, the prisoner became violent and was able to release the seatbelt and turn, making an effort to open the door. Cpl. Fitch had to grab Havlin by the shirt in order to keep him from doing so.

Cpl. Fitch managed to pull over while Havlin was making threats of self-harm. Havlin was then able to escape from the car just as Cpl. Fitch was coming to a stop. The escapee then ran up the travel lane into oncoming traffic - actions that put motorists at risk as he obstructed traffic.

After a short foot chase, Cpl. Fitch ultimately had to use his Tazer to restrain and subdue Havlin. A Lincoln PD unit was in the area - also transporting a prisoner – and was able to also respond. 


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