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Criminal Mischief - (09/02/15)

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Poop scoop

BANGOR - On Aug. 30, Bangor Police were called to sort out a very stinky situation. Apparently two neighbors were embroiled in a dispute over dog feces. Since no charges have been filed, the Bangor Police have declined to name names.

Around 6:36 p.m., police were called to the residence. The man who called police claimed his neighbor threw dog feces on his porch and door. He then picked up the poop in a plastic bag and dropped it back on her porch, but while he was walking away, she picked up the poop and reportedly threw it at him, at which point he decided to call police.

When police spoke with the woman involved, she claimed that a relative of the male neighbor walks the neighbor's dog past her house and the dog then defecates on her lawn. The woman said she has asked that person to remove the poop. When the dog was walked through her property on that day she again asked the person to clean it up. The person picked up a single piece and continued walking. The woman said she then picked up the remaining pieces that belonged to her neighbor's dog and threw it on her neighbor's porch.

When asked how she knew all of the feces belonged to her neighbor's dog, she claimed she had witnessed it pooping on her lawn on several occasions and she did not own a dog of her own. She then confirmed that theneighbor had thrown the poop back on her porch, but she denied throwing it at him.

She was issued a disorderly conduct warning, and was advised on how to pursue the matter through civil channels.

The officer returned to the man's house and explained that he had issued her a disorderly conduct warning, but would not be pursing criminal charges at this point. The man was not pleased with this.

When the officer attempted to explain that the dog feces was a civil complaint and that he could be fined for not picking up after his dog, the man pointed out that there was no way for the police to know that all of the poop on the lawn belonged to his dog. The officer conceded that they would not be performing DNA tests on all the feces, but that his relative had retrieved a portion of the poop from the lawn, and that by throwing the feces back on his neighbor's lawn he was exacerbating the situation and doing exactly what he claimed his neighbor had done initially. The man claimed it was not the same thing.

The officer issued the man a disorderly conduct warning as well, and cautioned him against throwing more poop or raising voices. The officer also informed the man that he could pursue assault charges if he chose, but that that course of action would also include informing the Bangor Housing Authority of the situation. The man requested to speak with the officer's supervisor and the Housing Authority. The officer gave his business card, and said that he could call his supervisor at any time.

The investigation is currently active and charges may be pending.

Fire alarms are for fires

BANGOR An area man has gone to jail for reportedly pulling a fire alarm in an apartment building.

On Aug. 29 around 7 a.m., Bangor police responded to a residence on First Street because someone had pulled the fire alarm under false pretenses, causing panic. Bangor fire also had to respond to reset the alarm.

When the officer arrived, a man identified as Mario Kent claimed he had been assaulted by a resident and had a broken arm but did not require police involvement. Many other witnesses indicated that Kent was upset for other reasons. One man claimed that Kent was yelling and banging on the door of his apartment earlier in the morning. When the resident opened the door, Kent reportedly forced his way inside and began yelling and accusing the man of stealing all the paper towels from the communal bathroom. Thinking he was going to be struck, the man pushed Kent out of his apartment and shut the door, which is when Kent reportedly pulled the fire alarm before running outside.

The building manager said he had observed Kent pull the alarm on the security cameras. Once he was medically cleared, Kent told police that he was assaulted by a heroin addict that 'keeps stealing all the paper towels in the building.' He also said he pulled the fire alarm to get help because a doctor in Boston had once told him to. Kent told police he did not have a broken arm.

He was arrested and charged with burglary (class B, felony) filing false public report and violation of bail conditions. He was transported to Penobscot county Jail.

Boxcar children

HERMON Three men were cited for riding the rails, Tom Waits style.

On Aug. 24, Dep. Michael Parady was called by the railroad, who suspected three people had illegally boarded the train. When he arrived, he identified Devin Cross, 28, of New Hampshire; Aiden Dobias, 25, of Michigan; and Ian Bowers, 22, of Mississippi. Parady learned they had been raking blueberries in Machias and hitchhiked to Hermon. They were looking to travel south and decided to hop on the train.

They were summoned by the railroad police for illegal riding of a freight train.

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