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Criminal Mischief (07/19/2017)

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Wanted (and naked) man captured by police

BIDDEFORD – A man wanted for ramming a State Police cruiser and fleeing the scene back in April has been located and arrested. 

On July 12, Michael S. Irving, 49, was arrested by the Saco and Biddeford Police Departments on a small island off the coast. The Biddeford Police Department had new charges against Irving; he was taken to the York County Jail on the State Police warrants with bail set at $5,000 cash.

Irving’s previous charges stem from an incident where he rammed a State Police cruiser in Lyman back on April 23.

After striking the cruiser, Irving fled the scene and his vehicle was later found abandoned along an ATV trail near the Lyman Elementary School.

Irving had been pulled over by Trooper David Coflesky for an inspection sticker violation along Day Road. As the trooper was sitting in his cruiser to check on Irving’s identification, Irving put his vehicle in reverse, rammed the cruiser and then drove away before abandoning it about a half mile away. He fled on foot into woods and a search, with tracking dogs, did not locate him.

The trooper was not injured. The cruiser sustained over a thousand dollars in damage to the front end.

Troopers will likely be charging him with reckless conduct with a deadly weapon, aggravated criminal mischief and eluding a police officer. Additional charges are likely forthcoming.

Sorry, wrong number

CAMDEN — A wrong number earlier this month led to one man’s attempt at a drug deal going terribly wrong.

According to reports, 42-year-old Tyler Collins of Camden made a phone call on July 7. Collins reportedly tried to call someone in an effort to get them to sell him the drug Suboxone. Instead, he inadvertently dialed Charles Ball, an officer for the Capitol Police.

Thinking quickly, Ball played along, continuing with the phone call and not letting on that Collins had dialed the wrong number.

Ball then called the Camden Police Department and informed them of the proposed deal. Officers were then able to be present at the designated place and time – Elm Street at 9:30 p.m. – to make the arrest when Collins and another individual showed up.

Camden Police Officers Chris Hansen and Tim Davis arrested Collins and charged him with trafficking in drugs, according to records in Knox County Court. Also arrested was 39-year-old Katarina Campbell of Rockport.

Collins was taken to the Knox County Jail in Rockland, while Campbell was released following her arrest.

Cap’s Tavern fire deemed arson

BREWER – The fire that tore through a Brewer establishment late Thursday night has been determined to have been deliberately set, according to fire investigators.

Cap’s Tavern, a local institution, was first reported to be ablaze at 11:10 p.m. on Thursday night by a passerby who saw the flames and called 911. That’s only about an hour after the business closed up for the night at 10 p.m.

It has been determined by officials from the state fire marshal’s office that the fire started in a hallway between the apartments on the second and third floors. One of the apartments was vacant; the other’s tenants were able to get out of the building safely and without any serious injuries.

Investigators brought in an accelerant-detecting canine; the dog gave a positive result, which is an indication that the fire was deliberately set, though analysis needs to be done before any official confirmation can be made.

According to early reports, the initial reaction of owner Del Merritt is to rebuild.

Fire investigators are continuing to work with the Brewer Police Department in an effort to find witnesses who might have information leading to the person or persons responsible for the fire. As of press time, no arrests had yet been made.

If you have information about this incident, please contact the Brewer Police Department at 989-7001.

Tips on dealing with found syringes

Syringes left by drug users are increasingly turning up in public places, and authorities offer this advice if you or your children should encounter any:

DON’T PICK THEM UP: You could get exposed to drugs or disease, or unwittingly dispose of them improperly.

CALL SOMEONE TO PICK THEM UP: Check with your local information hotline or health department, which can take care of it or direct you to people who can. Don’t call 911 unless directed, or unless there is imminent danger or an emergency.

IF YOU DO IT YOURSELF: You’re not advised to pick them up, but if you do, minimize any hand contact. Use sturdy gloves, disposable tongs, a shovel or dustpan, and put them in a puncture-proof container.

IF YOU GET POKED: Don’t panic. Don’t suck the wound. Go to your doctor, an emergency room or an urgent care clinic for further guidance, as well as possible medical tests and immunizations.

WHAT TO TELL YOUR KIDS: Show them what a syringe looks like and use age-appropriate language to describe why they should stay away from it. Tell them that if they see any to get an adult, who should follow the steps described above.

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