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Criminal Mischief - 07/09/14

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Same response to various question: [Expletive] You!

EDITOR'S NOTE: The name of the arrested party has been deliberately left out of the narrative for privacy purposes.

BANGOR An area woman went to jail after violently confronting police earlier in the week.

On July 2, Officer Joseph Orcutt was called to a residence on the Griffin Road for a reported family fight. When he arrived in his cruiser, his windows were rolled down and he saw a small vehicle with its lights on in the parking lot. It began to drive towards his cruiser with the engine revving as it approached, swerving to miss other parked vehicles by a small margin before coming to a stop.

A female exited the vehicle, ignored orders to return to her vehicle and began pummeling the cruiser with her fists, denting it, according to police.

Orcutt told her to stop hitting his cruiser, to which she replied, 'f*ck you.' He asked for her name, and she replied, 'f*ck you.' Orcutt noted in his report that he repeatedly asked her to turn around, and to those repeated requests she responded in like manner to her previous replies. When Orcutt warned the woman that he would Taser her, she replied, 'Tase me.'

The officer attempted to take the woman into custody but was unable to subdue her. A passerby attempted to assist, and when the officer asked him to return to his vehicle, he ignored the officer. Another person told the man to back off and let the officer do his job, according to police.

Other officers arrived on scene and were able to get the woman in handcuffs.

They moved her to a cruiser, but she refused to cooperate, kicking while being placed inside and refusing to put her legs inside the cruiser.

One of the officers sprayed her with OC Spray, and they were then able to secure her in the cruiser. She was transported to Penobscot County Jail where she was treated for being sprayed and also charged with criminal mischief, operating without a license, driving to endanger and refusal to submit to arrest. There was also an active warrant for her arrest.

From civil to criminal

BREWER A civil dispute turned criminal when a Brewer woman allegedly assaulted a woman who may not have returned some of her possessions.

On June 5, around 2:25 p.m., Officer Amy Nickerson was called to a Renfred Drive address by Jane DeLong, 55, of Brewer, to resolve a dispute in which a neighbor reportedly had several items that DeLong claimed belonged to her. Nickerson advised DeLong that this was a civil dispute and law enforcement could not intervene.

Later that day, Nickerson was called back, the neighbor reporting that DeLong had kicked her in the leg, pushed her and hit her on the head with a plant pot.

DeLong was charged with assault.

Bangor embraces electronic parking enforcement

BANGOR No more will you see tell-tale chalk marks on your car tires to tell you that parking enforcement has been by. The City of Bangor has adopted electronic parking enforcement, which will save on time and paperwork but not cost any City employees their job.

'It's to improve efficiency and be a time-saver for the employees,' said Caitlyn Brooke, the business development specialist and downtown coordinator. She also hopes that employees and visitors of the downtown will take advantage of the various parking options available, including the parking garage and the stamp system that allows visitors to purchase five-hour or all-day passes for parking.

In essence, employees will be armed with electronic devices that will help record license plate numbers and note where the vehicle is parked. All of the spots in Downtown Bangor are numbered. If the vehicle is parked in the same spot when enforcement returns, a ticket is issued.

Another change is that now if you do get a ticket, you can pay it online in addition to going to the police department.

For more information about parking options, visit

Bangor PD's Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign in full swing

BANGOR - As part of the 2014 Drive Sober Maine Grant provided to the Bangor Police Department by the Bureau of Highway Safety, officers increased patrols over the holiday weekend and will continue to do so throughout the summer.

Police note that holiday weekends typically bring a surge in drunk driving. Therefore, the officers of the Bangor Police Department will be more visible and make a concerted effort to increase saturation patrols with the addition of sobriety checkpoints from now until the end of the summer season.

The staff of the Bangor Police Department urges everyone to plan a safe way home before starting summer festivities. Here are some tips to consider:

Before drinking, designate a sober driver. If you wait until you are impaired, you are more likely to make a bad decision.

Use a taxi, call a friend or family member or seek public transportation options.

If you observe a drunk driver on the road, please contact local law enforcement immediately. This call could save a life.

If you know someone who is about to operate any type of motor vehicle and that person has been drinking, be a true friend and take their keys. Then help them find or arrange other ways to get where they are going safely.

Veazie police receive grant for safety equipment

VEAZIE The Veazie Police Department was recently awarded a Maine Municipal Association Safety Enhancement Grant in the amount of $1195.97. This award is being used to purchase several items with the goal of improving officer safety. These items include an auto-Inflatable life vest, new flashlight and new fire extinguisher to be added to each patrol vehicle for officer use. Also, each officer will be issued a Patrol Pocket Pack from Officer Survival Solutions to carry on their person. These survival packs contain the medical supplies needed to self-treat any penetrating trauma injury such as gunshot or stab wounds.

The Maine Municipal Association has been awarding safety grants to members of their Worker's Compensation Fund since 1999. The grant program has assisted municipalities by bestowing more than $3.2 million through funding of 2,527 Safety Enhancement Grants and 366 Scholarship Grants.

Ed MacDonald, loss control manager for Maine Municipal Association, says the program received 182 applications for this grant period and $154,499.18 was awarded. Grants are awarded in May and October each year.

For more information about any of the Maine Municipal Association Risk Management Service Programs, including Safety Enhancement Grants eligibility and applications, please visit their website at and click on the Risk Management Services link or call 1-800-590-5583.


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