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Criminal Mischief - (05/06/15)

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Suspicious packages cleared

KENNEBUNK Two packages that caused the Kennebunk Plaza to shut down posed no threat to the public, said Maine State Police. The two suspicious packages were back packs. One was found to contain clothing, the other garbage. The scare prompted the evacuation of the plaza and diverted traffic for several hours.

The backpack with the clothing was found around 11 a.m. on May 1 near the gas pumps, and the one with garbage was found in a trash can around 1 p.m. Once the items were deemed not to be a threat, the plaza was re-opened.

Crashing the party

ORONO An Orono man is facing charges after he reportedly climbed onto a moving vehicle and then crashed into the windshield when the driver stopped the car.

On April 29, Chief Josh Ewing and Officer Chase Haass were monitoring a large crowd that gathered at The Grove for an event. A car drove through the area slowly, and a man in the crowd, who was later identified as Tyler Nicoletti, 29, of Orono jumped onto the hood of the car and climbed to the roof, according to police. When the driver stopped, Nicolette fell onto the windshield, smashed through and then took off running.

He was pursued by the car's driver, as well as some other passersby. Haass and Ewing broke up the altercation and when Ewing turned to speak to Haass, Nicoletti again took off running. Ewing pursued him, took him to the ground and placed him under arrest. He was charged with criminal mischief and failure to submit to arrest.

Police said that there was over $1,000 worth of damage to the vehicle.

Maine files civil rights complaint against brothers for Portland assault

AUGUSTA Attorney General Janet Mills announced recently that she has filed a complaint in Portland Superior Court under the Maine Civil Rights Act against Benjamin W. Bean and Charles J. Bean for an assault they perpetrated against a Portland man on April 19.

The Attorney General's complaint alleges that the victim was singled out from a crowd and attacked because of his skin color. The two Bean brothers were fighting with another man when a crowd gathered around. The victim was in the crowd when Charles Bean yelled at the victim, 'What are you [expletive] looking at, [expletive] Ner.' The two brothers broke off from the first fight and rushed toward the victim, knocked him down and punched and kicked him. During the assault racial slurs were directed at the victim by both Charles and Benjamin Bean, and they threatened to kill him because of his race, stating that they 'know where he lives.'

'This behavior is absolutely outrageous and has no place in our society,' said Attorney General Mills. 'We will protect the right of every Mainer to enjoy the rights and privileges afforded to them under the Maine and US Constitutions without interference based on the color of their skin.'

Under the Maine Civil Rights Act, the attorney general is seeking an injunction to permanently enjoin the Bean Brothers from having contact with the victim and his family or encouraging others to commit acts against the victim or his family.

The Maine Civil Rights Act provides that all people have the right to engage in lawful activities without being subject to actual or threatened physical force, violence or property damage motivated by bias against race, color religion, sex, ancestry, national origin, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation. The law further authorizes the attorney general to file an action against any person who intentionally interferes or attempts to intentionally interfere in such rights through the use or threatened use of violence or property damage.

The Bean brothers have 20 days from the date of service of the complaint to file a written response with the Superior Court. The Attorney General's civil complaint is separate from any criminal charges the two Bean brothers face for the attack. The Attorney General expressed appreciation to the Portland Police Department for their cooperation in investigating this matter.

Go car, go! It's green ahead!

OLD TOWN A man is facing charges for a reported road rage incident that happened last week.

On May 1, a caller informed police of a road rage incident that happened. The caller said that he was stopped at the intersection of Center and Water streets waiting to take a left turn, when the light turned green he did not go fast enough and the driver behind him beeped. When he stopped at the next light, the driver behind him reportedly pulled up next to his car, got out and approached the window. The driver of that car was later identified as Noel Bennett, 35, of Old Town, and according to police banged on the window and attempted to open the door, asking the victim to 'get out so [he could] kick [his] ass,' according to police.

Police located Bennett on May 3 and arrested him on an outstanding warrant and also charged him with disorderly conduct. He was taken to Penobscot County Jail.

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