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Criminal Mischief (01/30/2019)

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Illegal eels

BANGOR (AP) — Two baby eel dealers are facing misdemeanor charges for illegal sales as Maine moves to increase oversight over the lucrative industry.

The Bangor Daily News reports that Department of Marine Resources spokesman Jeff Nichols says two Maine dealers are accused of making illegal cash purchases last spring of the eels, also known as elvers.

Both dealers face license suspensions along with misdemeanor charges for allegedly purchasing elvers without a required swipe card.

Nichols said the investigation into illegal sales is ongoing.

Fishery regulators have faced increased poaching and smuggling since the value of elvers jumped from an average price of $100 per pound a decade ago to over $2,300 per pound last year.

Maine’s holding public hearings on proposals to make it harder to conceal illegal cash transactions from inspectors.

Northern Maine buggy crash

SMYRNA (AP) — Police in northern Maine say two children were injured and a horse was killed when their horse-drawn buggy came into the path of a trailer truck.

The crash happened Wednesday afternoon in Smyrna. Police say the buggy was being operated by a 12-year-old boy who entered the roadway in front of the trailer truck. The truck struck the horse and killed it.

Police say the buggy was re-directed to the southern side of the roadway, and two of the seven children riding in it suffered minor injuries.

Police declined to identify the child who was operating the buggy. They also did not identify the injured children. The truck was owned by Beaulieu Trucking.

Sorrento man banned from farming

SORRENTO (AP) — A judge has banned a Sorrento man from farming for life after authorities seized 105 animals from his farm.

Animal welfare officials say they found filthy conditions at Marc Calcia’s farm in Sorrento. The Bangor Daily News reports officials seized 75 chickens, 10 ducks, 15 rabbits and five pigs and brought them to shelters.

Justice Bruce Mallonee ordered the ban, saying that the 53-year-old had violated an April 2018 deferred disposition agreement that required him to clean up the farm.

Calcia has been issued at least 13 court summonses alleging animal cruelty since August 2017. He said the livestock were cared for appropriately and that assessments of the animals’ condition by various state officials were contradictory. He said he has hopes that his lawyer can get the order reversed.

Wrong place, wrong time

CAPE ELIZABETH (AP) — Police in Maine say a drunken man took the wrong Lyft and tried to get into a house he mistakenly thought was his home.

Cape Elizabeth police say the Falmouth man mistakenly got into a Lyft summoned by a man who lived next door. Police say the man was dropped off early Saturday and staggered toward a nearby home, believing it to be his.

Police say he caused a commotion trying to get in, leading the homeowner to call the police.

Cape Elizabeth Police Chief Paul Fenton says the intoxicated man was taken back to the police station to sober up. Fenton says the homeowner didn’t want to press charges.

Fenton says the man is very sorry.

Illicit money transfer thwarted

BRUNSWICK (AP) — Police say someone tried to transfer $125,000 from the organization that’s redeveloping the former Brunswick Naval Air Station.

Steve Levesque from the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority said a third party hacked the email system last month and tried to transfer money from checking and payroll accounts at Bath Savings Institution. The plan was thwarted when the bank called Levesque for confirmation.

The Times Record reports that the redevelopment authority changed its passwords and set up a new checking account. The finance committee also discussed using encrypted communications.

The redevelopment authority turned over details to the police, who he believes are working with the FBI. The FBI reported that its Internet Crime Complaint Center received more than 300,000 complaints in 2017 year with reported losses of more than $1.4 billion.


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