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August 8, 2012

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Bangor juvenile arrested for arson 

BANGOR - A 17-year-old who was waiting for a ride to work ended up being transported to the Charleston Correctional Facility instead after allegedly setting fire to his home.

On July 31, around 9:45 a.m. Bangor police and Bangor fire responded to a report of a fire at 12 James Street. A woman told authorities she returned home to give her 17-year-old son a ride to work when she smelled smoke and discovered a bedroom in the house burning. The juvenile allegedly fled the scene, but was found the next day and taken into custody. He was transported to the Charleston Correctional Facility, where he was charged with arson.

Man arrested in connection with burglaries in downtown business district

BANGOR - Bangor police believe they've found the man responsible for the recent rash of business burglaries in the downtown area.

Last week authorities announced they were searching for 18-year-old Jonathan Matute of Bangor. Detectives executed a search warrant at his 19 Clinton Street apartment, where they found some of the items reported missing from businesses on Columbia and Harlow Street. On Aug. 1, Matute was captured in Broward County, Florida, after authorities in the sunshine state received a theft complaint from a Sears store in that area. Matute was arrested for allegedly stealing tools and assaulting a security officer from the department store. Florida police also recovered the gold Buick Century that was reported stolen from the University of Maine in Orono back on July 26.

Matute is now charged with battery and grand theft auto in Broward County and is expected to be extradited back to Maine.

Trenton playground vandalized

TRENTON - It may be a fresh start to the school year for students in Trenton, but unfortunately the elementary school playground may not look as spruced up as the classrooms when students return. That's because on July 30, the school's principal called police to report the school's playground and ball fields had been damaged. Visible tire marks were left in both areas. Authorities did take photographs of the damage, but there's still no word yet on the cost of the damage or who may be responsible.

Two men maced at Bangor State Fair

BANGOR - A Bangor woman was summoned Saturday night after allegedly spraying two men with mace at the Bangor State Fair.

Officer Josh Kuhn was working at the fair on Aug. 4 when he was approached by a man who was complaining he had been maced in the face. The 20-year-old told the officer that he and a female friend were standing in line for a ride when he got into a verbal argument with 30-year-old Renee Paine and her brother over an issue that occurred earlier this year. That's when Paine allegedly, unprovoked, maced the man who was later treated by Bangor Fire officials at the fair's command post. The victim, whose name has not been released, then called his father, who was also at the fair to inform him what happened. And while officers at the fairgrounds began searching for Paine, the victim's female friend ran over to them stating that the victim's 45-year-old father had also been sprayed in the face with mace by Paine. After investigating the incident further and speaking with other witnesses, Paine was issued a summons for criminal use of disabling chemicals and released.

Two other people were inadvertently sprayed during the incident as well and treated by Bangor rescue crews and released.

Juveniles offer to attend church after damaging a resident's mailbox, again

LUBEC - State police were called to Lubec last Wednesday after a resident's mailbox had been damaged for the second time. Four juveniles admitted to Sergeant Jeffrey Ingemi that they were responsible for the damage. So, the teens dug a new hole for the new mailbox they bought and paid for the last time they pulled it out of the ground. The group, which may be feeling a little guilty for their actions, have even offered to go to church with the victim for the next couple of weeks.

Old Town Resident arrested twice in one weekend

OLD TOWN - A woman from Old Town spent most of her weekend in jail after being arrested by police on Saturday and then again on Sunday.

Officer Christine McAvoy was called to the Aubuchon Hardware store around 5 p.m. on Aug. 4, where staff said they witnessed an adult female huffing aerosol cans. When the officer arrived she could see the individual, who was later identified as 33-year-old Amy Cleary of Old Town, was under the influence of intoxicants. Cleary was arrested, taken to jail and charged with theft and violating her conditions of release, which she was given for a prior unrelated incident.

Cleary was eventually released but by 1 a.m. on Sunday, Aug. 5, she was back in police custody after residents at the Pembroke apartment complex off Stillwater Avenue complained about noise coming from two females who had just been dropped off by a cab. Witnesses say they kept hearing one person yell the name, "Amy." When authorities began searching the area, they located Amy Cleary and another individual under a stairwell in that apartment complex. Authorities say Cleary, who was cupping a Bud Light, quickly let go of the beer when she saw the cops. The police informed her that possessing alcohol was a violation of her release, she was re-arrested and returned to the Penobscot County Jail.


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