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Wednesday, 16 October 2013 19:58

Maine International Conference on the Arts

Written by Katy England

Artists from all over the world to meet in Orono

ORONO Over the course of three days, artists from across the world will come together for the 2013 Maine International Conference of the Arts (MICA) at the Collins Center for the Arts in Orono. 

The conference is in fact two conferences in one, the first is the Arts Education: Leading the Way Conference, which starts Thursday morning at 8 a.m. and runs throughout the day until 4:15. Educators will be treated to a range of workshops that are being facilitated by Maine's Visual and Performing Arts educators from the Maine Arts Assessment Initiative. Educators will have a chance to learn about the National Core Arts Standards; attend arts assessment workshops; learn about different assessment methods for teaching; build connections in art world from the fields of dance, media arts, music, theatre, and visual arts; and connect with other educators.

Wednesday, 09 October 2013 15:32

Police Innovation Conference

Written by Katy England

The ins and outs of technology and how it applies to law enforcement

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Technology has taken vast innovative leaps over the past couple of decades and shows no signs of slowing. The past 10 years have brought social media, wearable technology (think Google Glass) and three-dimensional printing. Law enforcement agencies not only need to keep pace with the technology, they need to have a clear understanding of how it's being used in ways that can benefit departments but also in ways that it can be used criminally. Much of this is uncharted territory.

Enter the Police Innovation Conference (PIC), hosted at the Microsoft Building in Cambridge, Mass. Law enforcement agencies from across the country and as far away as South Africa came together with some of the most brilliant minds in the technology fields to discuss this ever-changing landscape.

Wednesday, 02 October 2013 23:20

Word up The Bangor Book Festival

Written by Allen Adams

Literary festival marks seventh year

BANGOR The time of literary celebration is upon us once again.

The Bangor Book Festival is descending on the city this weekend, bringing a multitude of authors and illustrators to various spots all over downtown Bangor and continuing an annual acclamation of all things literary. The fun plays out over the course of Friday and Saturday, Oct. 4 and 5.


Tuesday, 24 September 2013 21:07

G-Fresh is putting Maine on the hip-hop map

Written by Katy England

Over the past couple of years, the hip-hop scene in Maine has been growing. In Bangor alone there has been a surge of shows featuring names like Li'l Wayne on the Darling's Waterfront Pavilion and Raekwon of the Wu Tang Clan at Tantrum. But there's also been a surge in local talent, as evidenced by the success of Hip-Hop 101 at Tantrum.

Ellis Davis, who performs as G-Fresh, was one of the performers at the Hip-Hop 101, and has been in the Bangor area filling the void of local hip-hop talent. He's been interested in rap since a young age, even though his mother listened mostly to R&B. 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013 22:31

Changing seasons, changing channels

Written by Allen Adams
Previewing fall 2013's new broadcast offerings

Being a television executive is much like being a professional gambler; it's a business built around taking huge risks. Sometimes, the risks pay off. More often, they don't. So it is with new network television shows. For every breakout hit, there are half-a-dozen flops. And that doesn't even count the scores of filmed pilots that ultimately fail to find a home. Still, hope springs eternal, even in the entertainment business. 
The network dial is riddled with new offerings this fall. Any one of them could conceivably capture the public's imagination and become a mainstay for years to come. Of course, that just means the rest of them will be boring, bland and ultimately forgettable  assuming they aren't epically terrible; we can probably count on a few of those as well.
Tuesday, 10 September 2013 21:23

Autumn entertainment 2013's fall films

Written by Allen Adams

Now that the summer is coming to an end, we venture into the realm of cooler climate, football and fallen leaves. While the end of summer brings the 'blockbuster' movie season to a close, it is by no means the end of high-end, high-quality cinematic entertainment. 

Sure, most of the Oscar-bait pictures come out at year's end the aim being to keep them fresh in the minds of the voters but there are plenty of films in the fall that will likely get some attention come awards season. And while the mega-budget tentpole films are mostly a summer phenomenon, there are some big money offerings in the offing over the next couple of months superheroes and sci-fi epics aren't restricted solely to the summer.

Tuesday, 03 September 2013 22:46

Another year of poor pigskin prophecy

Written by Allen Adams

Predictions for the 2013 NFL season

Autumn approaches and that means it's time for the NFL to make its triumphant return. The 2013 season promises to be another one filled with phenomenal plays and serious surprises.

It also marks the continuation of one man's Quixotic attempts to make accurate predictions regarding the outcome of said season. That's right, folks! It's my annual NFL preview, complete with (probably) poor predictions. So come along for the ride and see if I can scale the heights of prognosticative mediocrity or else once again crash and burn in a spectacular fashion.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013 21:19

A season to be celebrated

Written by Allen Adams

PTC marks 40th season

BANGOR - Over the past decade or so, the city of Bangor has seen its arts scene blossom. The town is alive with more music, art and performance than at any other point in recent memory. New businesses and organizations that grow the creative community are springing up all over.

However, there are also some groups with very real and vibrant histories in the mix. Some have been around since long before this recent revitalization. These organizations form a cornerstone of this creative renaissance.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013 20:32

Ke$ha: Warrior Tour hits Bangor

Written by Katy England

BANGOR The name Ke$ha is polarizing. People love her. People hate her. But there's no argument that she is a new icon dominating the scene. And she's coming to the Darling's Waterfront Concert Series on Aug. 30 as part of her Warrior Tour, promoting the album of the same name. She is promising her fans the night of their life.

'The tour has been amazing. It's my Warrior Tour.' It's kind of wild. I've been getting into trouble in metal bars, drinking warm tequila,' she said in the phone interview with The Maine Edge.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013 19:03

Fierce Earth - Climbing Katahdin

Written by Christopher Burns

There was clearly felt the presence of a force bound not to be kind to man. It was a place for heathenism and superstitious ritesto be inhabited by men nearer of kin to the rock and to the wild animals than we.

--Henry David Thoreau

MILLINOCKET The first successful climb of Katahdin was in 1804 by surveyors Charles Turner, Jr. and Zackery Adley. Since then the mountain has opened up to the ambitious and those desiring to commune with nature. In 1846, Henry David Thoreau attempted the mountain up the Abol Slide. Due to poor weather Thoreau never reached the peak, but he did not need to conquer the mountain to feel its awesome power. It was while staring out from the Tablelands that he felt the portentous spirit of the mountain. 

According to Abenaki mythology, Katahdin was home to the trickster Pamola. He protected the mountain and conjured storms. Legends depicted him with the head of moose, the body of a man and the wings and feet of an eagle. Like Uluru in Australia and Kailash in Tibet, the Abenaki considered it a grave trespass to ascend Katahdin.

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