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Tuesday, 20 August 2013 20:32

Ke$ha: Warrior Tour hits Bangor

Written by Katy England

BANGOR The name Ke$ha is polarizing. People love her. People hate her. But there's no argument that she is a new icon dominating the scene. And she's coming to the Darling's Waterfront Concert Series on Aug. 30 as part of her Warrior Tour, promoting the album of the same name. She is promising her fans the night of their life.

'The tour has been amazing. It's my Warrior Tour.' It's kind of wild. I've been getting into trouble in metal bars, drinking warm tequila,' she said in the phone interview with The Maine Edge.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013 19:03

Fierce Earth - Climbing Katahdin

Written by Christopher Burns

There was clearly felt the presence of a force bound not to be kind to man. It was a place for heathenism and superstitious ritesto be inhabited by men nearer of kin to the rock and to the wild animals than we.

--Henry David Thoreau

MILLINOCKET The first successful climb of Katahdin was in 1804 by surveyors Charles Turner, Jr. and Zackery Adley. Since then the mountain has opened up to the ambitious and those desiring to commune with nature. In 1846, Henry David Thoreau attempted the mountain up the Abol Slide. Due to poor weather Thoreau never reached the peak, but he did not need to conquer the mountain to feel its awesome power. It was while staring out from the Tablelands that he felt the portentous spirit of the mountain. 

According to Abenaki mythology, Katahdin was home to the trickster Pamola. He protected the mountain and conjured storms. Legends depicted him with the head of moose, the body of a man and the wings and feet of an eagle. Like Uluru in Australia and Kailash in Tibet, the Abenaki considered it a grave trespass to ascend Katahdin.

Wednesday, 07 August 2013 21:37

KahBang - Music | Art | Film

Written by Katy England

BANGOR For the past five years, KahBang has been bringing more and more culture to the area. First came music, then art, then film and beer - and each year is bigger and better.

Headlining the Festival this year is rock band Dr. Dog and Odd Future group member, hip-hop artist Earl Sweatshirt. New additions include St. Lucia, Gentleman Hall, Vacationer, X Ambassadors, Caro Khan, My Pet Dragon, Spencer Albee and North of Nashville. KahBang is also showcasing emerging musicians from all over North America, playing genres that include indie, electronic, rock, hip-hop, country-rock, electro-pop, rap and indie- folk.

"Not since our founding year in 2009 have I been more excited for our event. We took an approach this year that focused on building a festival and not just a concert, and I'm overwhelmed by the result. We have more to offer to the public than any year before, and most of it is free,' said Tim Lo, executive director of KahBang. 'For our returning fans this is the richest experience they'll ever have. Get ready for one amazing KAHBANG weekend. We're excited to host New England and visitors from afar.'

Thursday, 01 August 2013 08:29

All the whistles and bells

Written by Katy England
Downeast Scenic Railroad

There ain't nothing sweeter than riding the rail.
-Tom Waits

ELLSWORTH The railroad has a long and storied history in America. It was both the backbone and lifeline of industry and commerce in many places, and it was no different in Maine. Volunteers have gone above and beyond to not only preserve this history, but ensure that future generations can actually experience rail travel for themselves with the Downeast Scenic Railway.

'[The Downeast Scenic Rail] informs people of history of the line and what its meaning has been to the community, and how it helped develop the area,' said Tom Testa, president of the Downeast Rail Heritage Preservation Trust, Inc. 'This was the link to the world.'

Wednesday, 24 July 2013 14:57

A good walk spoiled

Written by Allen Adams
A look at some of Greater Bangor's golf course offerings

The summer heat is reaching its apex; Maine in July is just about as hot a place as you would ever want to be. One thing is certain, though: whether you're in Mount Desert Island or Memphis, Bangor or Birmingham, it is never, ever too hot for a round of golf.

One of the greatest things about the game of golf is the fact that it is one of the few sporting endeavors in our society that you don't have to be good at to enjoy. Sure, there is joy to be derived from a great drive or a long putt, but for most of us, the pleasure comes from just being out there on the grass in the sunshine (and complaining about your round; most golfers I know absolutely love to bemoan their bad shots and bad luck on the course). Once the game gets its hooks in you, chances are good that you're in for the duration.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013 14:00

Governor Baxter Day: Bangor to Katahdin

Written by Christopher Burns
Celebrate the legacy of the wilderness and the people

Man is born to die, his works are short lived. Buildings crumble, monuments decay, wealth vanishes. But Katahdin in all its glory, forever shall remain the mountain of the people of Maine.

-Gov. Percival Proctor Baxter

BANGOR - If you walk around Bangor today you might not guess, but around the turn of the century it ranked as one of the three most important cities in the United States the other contenders being New York and San Francisco. The history of the Queen City is inexorably tied to the lumber harvested from the heart of the Katahdin region and along the banks of the west branch of the Penobscot.

Thursday, 11 July 2013 08:25

Donning the black hat

Written by Allen Adams
Discussing the nature of villainy with Chuck Klosterman

Over the past decade, Chuck Klosterman has become one of the preeminent voices in the world of pop culture analysis. He has combined an encyclopedic breadth of knowledge with insightful wit to create his own unique voice - a voice he has used to dive beneath the shallow surface of our cultural waters and explore the seemingly-mundane with passion and precision.

He has written a number of popular essay collections that have explored diverse topics spanning the cultural landscape - the realms of television, movies, music and sports. Whether it's an exploration of the true nature of Zack Morris's Bayside, a breakdown of the deeper meaning behind the 1980s rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics or an in-depth interview with Britney Spears, Klosterman has repeatedly found ways to take the pulse of the zeitgeist and report on it with a style and panache that is his and his alone.

Wednesday, 03 July 2013 09:05

Oceanside wildlife

Written by Katy England
Seeing a different side of Maine with Robertson Family Cruises

MILBRIDGE Many people have commented on the idea that there are two versions of Maine. But I've always found that notion, though somewhat true, to be overly simplistic. There are hundreds of Maines, if not thousands. This state is like an intricately carved gemstone, with many facets that make it interesting and beautiful, depending on your angle.

I've been to many parts of the state. I've been up mountains, in rivers, in the air and on the beaches. But there's a lot to see, and clearly I haven't been everywhere or done everything.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013 10:33

Kicking it with Chris Kluwe

Written by Allen Adams
An interview with the punter/author/bon vivant

The term 'renaissance man' gets thrown around pretty liberally these days. It seems like all you have to do to get that label is have at least one interest outside your chosen profession; basically, do something beyond just your job at something resembling a high level and boom! Renaissance man.

And then you've got someone like Chris Kluwe.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013 11:05

Brave few

Written by Katy England
The Maine State Police's Tactical Team

People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

George Orwell

Many times when there is a crime that hits a lot of headlines you'll read the line, 'The Maine State Police Tactical Team also responded to the call.' But unless it's a huge call, you might not hear much more than that. And that is generally how most current and former members of the Maine State Police Tactical Team like it.

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