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Katy England Year in Review

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Ke$ha performs in Bangor on Aug. 30, 2013. Ke$ha performs in Bangor on Aug. 30, 2013. Photo by Mike Fern


Yeah, I was as surprised as anyone when I was able to interview Ke$ha. I'm seldom very nervous about interviews, but I was downright jittery about this one. How about a little background: I didn't know who Ke$ha was. I mean, I'd heard of her in a vague sense. I knew she was incredibly popular and that was about the extent of my knowledge. You have to understand, I don't go out. I do not party like a rock star or enjoy hangovers so I needed to research this one. So I did, and several episodes of 'My Crazy Beautiful Life' later I was hooked.

Whatever your feelings are about Ke$ha, you have to give her props for being an incredibly hard-working, dedicated performer. She writes all her own music, choreographs the dances, designs the props and costumes she uses on stage every aspect of her career she is involved with.

And she speaks to the freaks and geeks in the society. This was something that resonated with me during our brief interview, when I learned she collected unicorns growing up (me too!). 

It was an interview that took me outside of my comfort zone and made me better for it.

And now I'm the proud owner of 'Animal.' The kids and I have dance parties.

Multiple Personalities

In some ways it's very easy to write about my own experiences as a mom, and I very much enjoy writing my weekly Edge Mom column. But I am not alone in my efforts, even in my efforts to raise multiples. It was of great value to get a chance to talk to different parents in the media field about their experience raising multiples.

Talking to these different people, all of whom work in a demanding field in addition to having the demands of being the parent of multiples, was a chance to have a glimpse of possible futures and to relive moments in my past. It was a fun story to research and write and in some ways, continue to live day-to-day.

Brave Few

I have cultivated a decent relationship with local law enforcement. The past couple of years, I've had to pull back a bit in order to raise my kids, but there are still few stories that I enjoy writing more than the weekly police beat and other more involved stories. 

When the chance presented itself to be able to cover the history of The Maine State Police Tactical Team, I was thrilled. And even more so when I had the chance to speak with Captain Paul Falconer (ret.) of the Maine State Police, who founded the unit (one of several he started in the agency). 

I spoke with several men, both active duty and retired, who told me about the Tactical Team and its evolution over time.  

Hopefully, I will have a chance to write many more such stories in the years to come.

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