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Ice cream flavors to really scream about 


There is something fantastically simple and complex about odd ice cream flavors. By the time your brain freezes, your mind is blown by what you are actually putting into your mouth. It's the Food Network meets 'Fear Factor' for the not-so-daring frozen food lovers. If that sounds like you, then listen up. This is your treasure map to chilly confections that make vanilla and the usual suspects (I'm looking at you, twist) seem, well, vanilla.  


You can't talk about ice cream in Maine without talking about Gifford's. According to their website, what once started in a small dairy in Skowhegan has expanded to five ice cream stands. Their flavors, however, go further. They can be found in grocery stores, restaurants and independent ice cream stands as far south as Washington, D.C. 

At the end of March, Gifford's released six new flavors as part of their Outdoor Adventure Series. These included gems like Appalachian Trail, Fly Fishing Fudge and Campfire S'mores. Yes, you read that right, s'mores ice cream. 

Jessica Moore-Gale, the events manager for Gifford's, explained what was in the Fly Fishing Fudge. According to her, the vanilla ice cream has a fudge ripple and chocolate chunks mixed with M&Ms and cookie dough. 

If you're looking for the L.L. Bean Muddy Bean Boots that was released last year, don't panic. The events manager says that the celebration flavor has since shortened its name to simply  Muddy Boots. Moore-Gale says that it will continue to be produced in the Gifford's line, and the flavor has not been modified. 

Gifford's also serves up some flavors true to their home state, including Mt. Katahdin Crunch and Maine Wild Blueberry. 

Sawyer's Dairy Bar  

Speaking of all things Maine, if you are in the Newport area, you might want to try Moxie ice cream. Sawyer's Dairy Bar has taken the soda New Englanders either delight in or loathe, and turned it into a frosty treat. 

Dan Costain, the owner of Sawyer's Dairy Bar, says he and his daughter, Ashley Nickerson, started making their own homemade hard ice cream this year. 

'We have many new flavors that she has come up with. She is very creative,' Costain said. 

'We try different kinds, and if they are good we sell them. We have been very successful so far, and enjoy doing it. We have a lot of public support, commenting on our new ice cream,' said Costain. 

Another flavor Sawyer's has developed is Peanut Butter Panic. Costain says it contains peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter swirls, hot fudge, and peanut butter cups. They have also come up with a s'mores flavor. 

Mount Desert Island Ice Cream, Co.

Be ye warned, when a company's website name is, expect them to have fearless flavors. With locations in Bar Harbor and Portland, Mount Dessert Island Ice Cream serves up more than a dozen unique flavors including Vietnamese Coffee, Nutella and Indian Pudding. 

'We do a lot of different flavors, but not for the sake of being sensational,' Linda Parker, the owner of Mount Dessert Island Ice Cream, wrote in an e-mail.

'We won't ever do something like throw eggs and bacon in an ice cream just to be interesting. We do make flavors though that are fashion forward as I like to say, different but delicious,' Parker writes. 

'A very unique flavor we are making now is a Treacle Tart ice cream where we make treacle tarts and sugar pies, break up the filling, and include it in our ice cream base where we add bits of candied graham crackers, with a blackberry ripple. It's very delicious and unique for sure,' writes Parker. 

According to Parker, Maine Sea Salt Caramel is by far their most popular flavor. When it comes to unique ingredients, however, the company doesn't stop at tarts and caramel. 

'Some ingredients that we use that aren't typical are jicama and habaneros. We make a lime/mango/jicama/habanero sorbet that is sweet, and hot, and tangy, and awesome!' Parker writes. 

'I love that sorbet, because as much as I absolutely love Maine, I sometimes like to imagine I'm in Mexico and that sorbet takes me there!' writes Parker. 

Treworgy Family Orchards Ice Cream Shop 

At Treworgy's in Levant, you can unleash your inner farmer. Feed the goats as you watch chickens run amok, and while you are at it, you can order The Whole Herd. PETA activists, do not be alarmed, no animals were harmed in the making of this ice cream. The Sundae includes Moose Tracks and Deer Tracks, hot fudge, Oreo and Heath bar candies. You can also order the Puckerbrush Parfait, which is black raspberry ice cream layered with strawberry sauce, with hot fudge and chocolate jimmies. 

Corinth Village Creamery 

People in Corinth do not have to drive very far to get their hands on Gifford's ice cream. Corinth Village Creamery, which opened last fall, is an ice cream shop, a farm stand and an antique store all rolled into one. It's not just their set up, however, that is unique. 

Behold, the purple cow shake, a concoction that is both unique in its flavor and its purpose. That is because a dollar from every large and fifty cents from every medium is donated to the Relay for Life of Penobscot. Shari Duthie, the owner of Corinth Village Creamery, explained why they came up with the shake. 

'We have always supported Relay, so we thought we would give it a try and see what happens,' says Duthie. 

According to their website, Relay for Life is an organized, overnight community fundraising walk. Money raised funds the American Cancer Society in their research efforts, as well as other programs. 

Duthie says that the shake gets its flavor from grape soda. 

Specialty Sweets 

If gelato is more your preference, then you should check out Specialty Sweets on Stillwater in Bangor. Wade and Eliza Butler, owners of the store, say their gelato case is set to serve up more than two dozen flavors of gelato over the summer, from Key Lime Pie to Kit-Kat. The Gelato Fiasco provides Specialty Sweets with their gelato. 

'Our best sellers are Dark Chocolate Noir, Toasted Coconut, Strawberry Balsamic and Sweet Resurgam,' Eliza Butler says. 

According to the Gelato Fiasco's website, The Sweet Resurgam gelato was launched as a limited edition flavor. The gelato celebrates the city of Portland and gets its name from the city's motto, which means 'I shall rise again.' 

'It is Burnt sugar and roasted almond gelato, with swirls of salted caramel and chocolate chips,' Eliza Butler says, 'Every time we put it into the case, it goes very quickly. It is definitely a favorite with our customers.'  

The Gelato Fiasco stated on their website that a dollar from each pint of the flavor will be donated to Create Jobs for the USA, a national program that supports the funding of low-interest loans to promising small businesses. 

Sicilian Pistachio is another flavor they are dishing out this summer. According to Eliza Butler, the flavor is true to its name using real pistachios imported from Sicily. She says it does not have any artificial pistachio flavor in it. 

You can find the Gelato Fiasco's flavors in a number of locations from Maine to Vermont. Their flagship store is located in Brunswick, Maine.

Ben & Bills Chocolate Emporium 

How do you convince store patrons that you make your own ice cream? By coming up with a crazy flavor that no one else makes, of course. According to their website, Ben & Bills Chocolate Emporium in Bar Harbor did exactly that by inventing Lobster Ice Cream. The website says the flavor has been featured on the Food Network as well as The Today Show. 

The company describes the flavor as butter flavored ice cream. They stated that they buy cooked lobster meat from a local lobster pond, butter it and fold it into the ice cream. 

Lobster Ice Cream is available in pints, quarts and half-gallons. One- and two-gallon orders are available upon request. 

Wherever you are in Maine, there is a unique ice cream flavor nearby. Next time you walk up to a counter, order something you normally wouldn't. You might be surprised. 


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