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A taste of Orono

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ORONO Many cities and towns can boast of fine eateries, but there's something unique about Orono. The influx of hungry college students paired with a close proximity to other bustling towns has allowed for a diverse and delightful mix of eateries within a stone's throw of each other.

When class is in session, Orono is a bustling town, but as the semester winds to a close and the students go on break, things quiet down some. For those of us who enjoy the area year-round, that can mean it's our turn to check out some of the wonderful eateries with slightly less of a crowd. It doesn't matter if you're looking to grab a sandwich on your way to a meeting, going to have a blast with your friends or taking your special someone out for a romantic evening. There is a place for you.

If you haven't been to Orono to see what it has to offer, you may just want to take a look. Here's the 10 cent tour:


Harvest Moon (18 Mill Street)

Best. Sandwiches. Evar.

The venue is small but vibrant. The hand-crafted sandwiches are made to order and all have cool names of awesome musical artists. My sandwich tastes better because it's the Ella Fitzgerald. It makes the bacon crispier, I swear.

You can get grilled paninis, wraps or deli sammies to eat in or to go. They also have some very yummy soups and salads. For a complete menu, visit

Verve (2 Mill Street)

Burritos in the morning with eggs and bacon in them. Burritos in the afternoon with more typical burrito fillings. But all warm, gooey, awesomeness in burrito form to eat in or take with you. I would recommend eating in, if only to save your poor shirt. It is theoretically possible to eat these wonderful meals without making too much of a mess, but you have to be someone who isn't me. Check out their full line that includes bagels, smoothies and more at

Dinner Time

Margarita's (15 Mill Street)

This is a great place to gather with friends and have some epic margaritas and hot food. It can get crowded if the college kids are on scene. But with summer around the bend you might have a little more elbow room.

Woodman's (31 Main Street)

An intimate restaurant with a menu that ranges from high-end entrees to casual pub fare. On a busy night you'll be lucky if you can find a table, but may be able to cozy up to the bar for a couple pints.

Asian cuisine

There is a surprising amount of Asian cuisine to be found in the bounds of Orono. There is the Thai Orchid (28 Mill Street), Sushi Now and China Garden. Each offers distinctly different foods.

Check out China Garden's menu on their website; friend Sushi Now on Facebook; and learn more about Thai Orchid online at

Pub Fare

Bear Brew Pub (36 Main Street)

A mix of casual dining with a dash of club life. If you're in the mood for a brick oven pizza - and let's be honest, who isn't? - this is really the place to go. Good food, nice drinks, add your friends and you're in for a nice night.

As the weather warms up, you can also enjoy your food and beverages on the upper deck.

College Dogs (6 Stillwater Avenue)

Hot dogs. Not just plain old hot dogs (though that is perfectly OK and still available) but fancy, delicious fixings you can pile all over your dogs to your heart's content.

You can read all about it in Allen Adams's piece on our website.

The Roost (19 Mill Street)

Wings and beer. Beer and wings. You can adjust the flavor and heat of your wings according to your pain threshold and yummy threshold. Add some sports and you've got the perfect dude's night out. You can like them on Facebook at

Pizza Places

With Pat's Pizza (11 Mill Street), Lissus's Pizza (6 Mill Street) and Orono House of Pizza (154 Park Street) within a mile of each other, you can have your pie and eat it too.

Pat's Pizza in Orono is the original and some say the best of the chain. All I know is you can grab a beer with your pizza, or get up early and have coffee and breakfast. How can you go wrong? For more information, visit

Lissus was a pleasant surprise; back when we were testing pies while celebrating Pizza Month (October, mark it on your calendar) I tried the barbecue chicken. It was lovely.

Do you have a favorite dining spot in your downtown? Tell us all about it!


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