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Dear reader,

Life is not normal at the moment. And as much as we might want to maintain a business as usual attitude right now, the truth is that it is not business as usual. It may not be business as usual again for a very long time.

As such, The Maine Edge’s print edition will be going dark temporarily following this week’s issue.

A publication such as ours – one that thrives on distribution in public places and relies almost exclusively on entertainment and the arts to provide both revenue and content – is one that is particularly impacted by the postponements, closings and social distancing that have accompanied the current pandemic.

In short, we’re going to halt printing for a while because we shouldn’t be out distributing papers all over the region and you shouldn’t be out picking them up. If we can, we should be minimizing our contact with the outside world in whatever ways possible. As things stand, there’s no definitive restart date.

Now, that isn’t to say that we’re going completely dark. Here on the editorial side of things, we’re going to try and continue producing regular content for you to consume online from the comfort of your homes.

Granted, some of our usual story types will likely fall by the wayside. You won’t be seeing much in the way of reviews of theatrical movie releases, for instance. Or concerts or other live events. As sports disappeared, so too have our sports features.

Instead, we’re going to lean heavily into books, producing more literature and lit-related content. We’ll review new films from the various streaming services. We’ll produce more list-driven pieces celebrating TV or music. Perhaps we’ll check out some board games or video games or who knows what else. Just know that even if we’re not on the street, we’re still chugging along.

It’s a scary time right now. I know I’m worried and I’m sure you are as well. There’s a lot that might happen over the next few weeks and months, but we simply don’t know what’s coming. For me, that not knowing is one of the worst parts. When we’re in the midst of this chaos and confusion, this imposing cloud of worry, sometimes what we really need is a distraction.

Let us be that distraction for you. Let us give you a few minutes where you can think about something else… even if that’s me talking about a great book or a bad TV show or how tolerable a Netflix movie may or may not be. Let us be a palate cleanser, a meaningless trifle that nevertheless allows you to take a break from the heaviness of the day.

It’s OK to take a deep breath and a step back occasionally.

We know we’re not changing the world with what we do here at The Edge. Goofy puns and snarky features and reviews of good books and not-good movies (not to mention more alliteration than is probably necessary) – that’s us. We’re weirdoes and nerds. But even in times of turmoil, there’s genuine value in simply being entertained. We’re all up to our eyeballs in news right now, and a lot of it isn’t so good. We’re all paying close attention to the world around us, as we should be. Just don’t feel guilty if you want/need to think about something else – ANYTHING else – for a moment.

Here’s hoping we can be that anything else for you once in a while.

Again, we don’t know what’s going to happen moving forward. We’re in uncharted waters here, dealing with unprecedented events. All I can promise you is that I’ll be doing what I do for as long as I can do it, whether that’s in newsprint or bandwidth or both. Maybe some of you will find a little comfort in that. I know I certainly will.

Stay safe. Wash your hands. And we’ll see you soon.

All the best,


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