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2015: A Year in Review

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So that was 2015. It has been another good one here at The Maine Edge, with plenty of interesting stories. Here are a few of my absolute favorites from the last 12 months.

Lewis Black

Choosing my favorite interview of the past year was easy. Lewis Black performed at the Collins Center for the Arts back in April and was kind enough to give me a few minutes of his time.

The resulting interview spanned all manner of subject matter. He spoke about his life on the road and his attitude about the world. He shared his feelings about the evolution of 'The Daily Show' in this conversation that took place in the days immediately preceding the naming of Jon Stewart's replacement. He talked about his experience working on 'Inside Out' an experience that he called one of the creative highlights of his career.

I speak to a lot of people in the course of doing my job, but it is rare to encounter anyone with anything resembling the wit and wisdom possessed by Lewis Black. Fascinating conversation with a fascinating guy.

PBA in Portland

Who would have thought that a professional tour with the history of the Professional Bowlers Association would come here to Maine?

But that's exactly what happened the PBA brought the world's best bowlers to Bayside Bowl in Portland for four days of alley action. PBA Commissioner Bill Vint was enthusiastic about the possibilities of an event in Portland enthusiasm that was well-placed as it turns out.

The event was so successful, in fact, that not only is the league coming back, but they've actually added a Portland team to their successful team-based PBA League. The Lumberjacks that's right, the Lumberjacks - will be managed by longtime PBA pro Tim Mack. The PBA returns to Bayside Bowl at the beginning of April.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I roll.

A visit to the Hall of Fame

As a lifelong baseball fan, it seems remarkable that I had never made the pilgrimage to the vast repository of the game's history that is the National Baseball Hall of Fame. And yet, this summer marked the first time I had ever made the trip.

I was not disappointed.

Being surrounded by over a century of baseball's rich and textured history was an incredible experience for me. The Plaque Gallery that features each and every player to be inducted into the Hall is certainly impressive, but it was seeing artifacts from the game's very beginnings bats wielded by Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb, balls thrown by Cy Young and Walter Johnson, uniforms worn by men whose play I had never seen but whose stories and career numbers were etched into my memory that really made the place resonate for me.

As you might imagine, this story was a real home run for me.


That's just some of what made 2015 a year to remember. I got to preview the 30th anniversary season of the Collins Center for the Arts. I wrote about the brilliant folks at the helm of Bar Harbor's ImprovAcadia as they entered their 12th year. I got to write about the reopening of the long-dormant Bangor Drive-In.

Along the way, I spoke to some interesting people and read some great books and mocked some idiotic celebrities. I saw some phenomenal local theater and explored some wonderful local events and made some terrible sporting predictions.

Looking back at hundreds of stories about scores of subjects, it seems that 2015 was a mighty good year. The bar has been set, 2016 let's see what you've got.


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