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Unity College offers Maine made MOOmilk on campus

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UNITY - Unity College is not only teaching its students about agriculture and environmental sustainability, it's also providing real life examples of area farmers and businesses that are successfully making a living at it, like MOOmilk. The organic, Maine-based dairy beverage is now a staple in the school's dining commons.

"Having the opportunity to change what is such a basic food item in our dining hall really does touch every student," explained Sara Trunzo, food & farm projects coordinator at Unity College. "The day we launched MOOmilk, students couldn't help but be aware that this was a different product."

"It tastes better," said Shayne Van Leer, Unity College senior. "I think regular milk is pasteurized at higher temperatures for a short period. MOOmilk is pasteurized at lower temperatures for longer. It's the only milk I buy."

Many of the college's sustainable agriculture majors, like Van Leer, already knew about MOOmilk thanks to the documentary shown in class called "Betting the Farm." It depicts the creation of MOOmilk and the struggles the farming industry faces.  

"I watched the documentary three times. I thought it was pretty cool that such a small group of farmers were able to team together and create a company," explained Van Leer. "I would love to own my own production farm and be successful at selling what I raise and grow." 

The liberal arts school was hoping to inspire, encourage and educate all its students to strive to do the same. That's why the college sponsored a campus-wide viewing of "Betting the Farm" on Jan. 22.

"With MOOmilk, there's a unique business and marketing model that can be used to demonstrate to our students that farming isn't all fun and games. It's seriously hard work," said Trunzo.

But it's hard and rewarding work that can unearth big benefits to those who don't mind getting their hands dirty.

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