The journey begins...

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The journey begins... illustration by Sheridan Kelley

As anyone who has read my work with any sort of consistency can tell you, I live my life in a state of semi-arrested development. While in many ways, I appear to be a fully functioning adult, there are a few grown-up things that I just never mastered.

Cooking, for instance.

That's right I am a man who has somehow managed to wander into his 30s without ever having learned how to cook. I'm not talking bag/box/can cooking I'm a man-child, but even I can swing boiling water and operating a can opener. No, this is about such mystical dark wizardly terms as 'ingredients' and 'recipes.' This is about learning, slowly but surely, how to prepare a meal that doesn't involve Chef Boyardee or Papa Gino.

The goal with this segment (which will be ongoing) is to share with the reader my experience as I struggle my way through the learning process. Alongside my lovely fiance (and cooking coach and photographer), I'm hoping to gradually develop basic cooking skills through the preparation of various dishes. We're starting out with some relatively easy stuff recipes that we have adapted and made our own. Eventually, we hope to slowly increase the degree of difficulty as I build my skill set.

It's not all going to be roses; expect some significant mistakes to be made. My guide will keep me from breaking stuff or setting things on fire, but as far as making food that actually tastes good? Who can say? There's going to be a learning curve probably a steep one.

Join me on this culinary cruise. We'll have recipes and pictures and a few thoughts on each cooking experience. Maybe some other stuff, too.

And if I burn down the kitchen, so be it.

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