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EMMC, RSU 22 collaborate on School-Based Health Center

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HAMPDEN Primary care is the foundation for maintaining a healthy community, and there are many children who may not have regular access to a primary care provider. Recognizing this issue, leaders at Eastern Maine Medical Center and RSU 22 came together to create the RSU 22 School-Based Health Center. The center is a place where students can be seen for health concerns, while staying right at Hampden Academy.

"This initiative stems from a need that RSU 22 staff members were seeing,' says James Raczek, MD, FAAFP, EMMC senior vice president and chief medical officer. 'Upon being seen, our providers will work with the patient's primary care providers to ensure the visit is entered into their medical records. It's a real benefit to the students, their parents and the community.'

The School-Based Health Center is based on models that have seen much success nationally and have become vital to the health of the communities in which they serve. Upon opening, the center's services will be available one day per week. Students can access the service after seeing the school nurse. If the illness is deemed appropriate, the student will then see Alicia Grant-Singh, FNP, a provider at EMMC Family Medicine in Hampden, who will be located at the Hampden Academy campus.

Once the student leaves the care of the school nurse and visits Alicia, all medical information is confidential, just as it would be at a primary care office. Earlier this month, students were given permission notices for parents to sign, if the parents wished for their child to have access to the health center.

'This partnership is a great opportunity for not only RSU 22, but for the communities we serve, and for our students and their families,' adds Richard Lyons, RSU 22 superintendent of schools. 'It will help our students receive convenient access to healthcare right at the school, and in many cases, they can be back in the classroom quickly and focus on their education.'


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