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Juice cleanses

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There are plenty of folks who want to lose weight fast so it follows that there are always plenty of fad diets. Joe Cross's film "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" discusses how a very overweight Mr. Cross decides to do a juice fast for 60 days. It changes his life - he loses weight and makes it a point to influence others to follow in his footsteps. There's even a web site dedicated to his followers who share juice recipes and talk about how great it is to only drink juice for long periods of time to detoxify the body.

Alessandra Bellucci, 23, of Barrington, NH began her juice cleanse with only drinking green smoothies.


"The key is breaking down the cell walls of the plant. In juice, obviously you are not getting any of the fibers. I have tried the Master Cleanse (lemonade cleanse). I tried banana, kale, water smoothies, peach mango and dandelion smoothies," said Bellucci.

She hopes that her upcoming cleanse will help shed some of the winter pounds.

"Over the winter I was not as active as I usually am. I feel like the cleanse is a great way to lose the extra baggage and gain nutrition you need. Juicing is great for the skin, for your energy, and it generally makes me happy."

Beth Delong, 47, of Blue Hill has been doing juice cleanses for the past four years. She believes from her own results (along with those of her husband) that the juice cleanse really helps make her eating habits healthier.

"The first time I cleansed I lost eight pounds, and I have been able to keep it off for the past three years. My advice is to ease yourself into cleansing by changing your eating habits beforehand. Don't just one day decide to cleanse suddenly," Delong said.

Delong's family as a whole has been eating more fruit and vegetables and less meat. She feels good giving her digestive system a break and uses a BluePrint brand week cleanse, which helps her become more conscious about what she consumes.

Russell Dionne, 56, believes juicing should be done every week. He has been juicing fresh fruits and vegetables four times per week for the past year and a half.

"Juicing allows me to easily consume eight portions of vegetables a day,' said Dionne, making my overall diet balanced. Juicing nourishes the cells and reduces the feelings of being hungry, and combined with other healthy eating habits helps me lose weight.'

Dionne believes that people who juice are often perceived as being a bit odd, like vegetarians and vegans were not too long ago. But he doesn't let that stop him.

"Juicing throughout the day stabilizes blood sugar levels as well as keeping metabolism higher, delaying or eliminating type two diabetes and helping with weight control," he said.


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