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Jodie Sweetin and Celia Behar preview parenting podcast ‘Never Thought I’d Say This’

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Actress Jodie Sweetin was all of five years old when she was introduced to the world in 1987 as Stephanie Tanner for seven seasons of ABC’s “Full House.” The sitcom was rebooted by Netflix as “Fuller House” in 2016 with most of the original cast resuming their roles. A fifth and final season of that series is scheduled to premiere in late 2019.

Sweetin, a mother of two, and her best friend, therapist and life coach Celia Behar (of parenting blog “The Lil Mamas” and also a mom of two) have joined forces for a weekly podcast from Main Event Media and Audioboom.

Each episode of “Never Thought I’d Say This” revolves around a phrase that neither mom thought they would ever speak out loud … before becoming a parent.

The series features several recurring segments, special guests and stories from listeners. New episodes of “Never Thought I’d Say This” can be found each Wednesday from iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and most digital platforms.

Sweetin and Behar tag-teamed for a preview of “Never Thought I’d Say This” during the following freewheeling exchange with The Maine Edge.

The Maine Edge: What are some of the things that you both have learned about parenting or kids in general that you didn’t know before you had kids?

Jodie: Here’s one thing I’ve learned about kids and their friends – and people I know that don’t have kids agree with me on this: kids are gross.

Celia: (laughing) Kids are really disgusting.

Jodie: They’re gross. There are so many examples to back this up, of things kids do that I never thought I’d have to deal with (laughs). We love them in all of their grossness, but they’re a bit sticky.

The Maine Edge: You’re both well-connected within the entertainment industry. Do you plan to invite some of your famous friends to join you on your podcast?

Jodie: Oh Yes, we’ve had Christine Lakin – one of my costars on the show “Hollywood Darlings”; she was also on “Step by Step.” Andrea Barber is one of our guests (Kimmy Gibler on “Full House” and “Fuller House”) and we’ve also had Lynsey Addario – a Pulitzer Prize-winning war correspondent and photojournalist. She is also a mom and was a pretty amazing guest.

Celia: We have Melissa Gisoni of “Dance Moms” - and mom to Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler.

Jodie: We have a fun crossover episode that we’re going to record later today with another mom podcast called “Good Moms, Bad Choices.” We have some fun guests coming up with our usual antics in-between.

The Maine Edge: What sorts of things have you two encountered as moms that no one prepared you for?

Celia: I had postpartum depression. I was definitely not prepared for that. We talk about that on the podcast. I don’t know how anyone is prepared for preteen and teenage daughters. I’m still trying to prepare for that.

Jodie: Oh yeah, that’s a lot. I’m still trying to prepare for the toddler-aged kids, and I have them, so I think I might be a little behind (both laugh).

The Maine Edge: Are teenage daughters more difficult than teenage sons?

Celia: We talked about that with Andrea Barber when she was on the show. I believe we overwhelmingly settled on yes – teenage girls are more difficult than teenage boys. That’s probably due to the different hormones. Neither Jodi nor I have boys, so we couldn’t really speak to that.

Jodie: I have some friends that have had pretty rough situations with teenage boys too.

Celia: I think teens in general can be difficult when you’re a parent.

Jodie: I agree, but it’s also kind of cool to see them becoming who they are – in between wanting to spank them (both laugh).

The Maine Edge: When you see teens going through the awkward stage where they’re angry and feel that nobody could possibly understand what they’re going through, do you flash back to when you might have had those same feelings at that age?

Celia: Oh, 100 percent.

Jodie: I flash back to last week (both laugh). I feel like an angry preteen boy right now.

The Maine Edge: (laughing) There are some podcasts that I can’t miss. What are some of your favorite podcasts?

(In unison): “My Favorite Murder.”

Jodie: We’re both total murderinos and we love that podcast, so Georgia (Hardstark) and Karen (Kilgariff), if you’re listening...

(In unison): We love you!

Celia: We both love Dax Shepherd (“Armchair Expert”).

Jodi: And “This American Life.”

Celia: We love that one and also Shaun King’s “The Breakdown” is pretty amazing.

The Maine Edge: How would each of you describe your parenting styles?

Celia: Uh – haphazard? (laughing).

Jodie: I don’t know if it’s a style or more of a dumpster fire (both laugh).

Celia: It’s more like we fly by the seat of our pants.

Jodie: Anybody who tells you they have a rigid parenting style hasn’t had kids long enough. I like to think that I’m fairly strict and have rules, but depending on the time of night or what happened during the day, it could all go right out the window, creating an absolute free for all in the house. It depends on how tired Mom is.


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