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Getting touchy and feely

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Touch-A-Truck Fair comes to Bangor

BANGOR - It's fair season in Maine, and the Cole Land Transportation Museum in Bangor is hosting a one-day fair unlike any other seen across the state. Dubbed the Touch-A-Truck Fair, it's where big rigs, army vehicles, emergency vehicles, logging trucks, buses, limos, and dump trucks all meet.

Fairgoers will not only have the rare opportunity to look inside these various modes of transportation, but they will also get to touch, climb, and explore them at their leisure. All the proceeds from the event will benefit Camp CaPella, a year-round recreational and educational facility in Dedham for children and adults with disabilities.

"Have you ever heard of anything this much fun in your life? All the stuff you looked at, wanted to climb up on and see what is back there, now you can," explained Dana Mosher, executive director of Camp CaPella.

According to event organizer Michelle Harmon, each vehicle will have an accompanying person to explain more about it. "Visitors will be able to ask questions, climb inside, honk horns, kick the tires and they'll even be able to use the fire hose from the fire trucks and put out pretend fires," she said.

Both Mosher and Harmon are hoping lots of kids and families will attend the fair. They've even scheduled Millinocket celebs the Pelletier Brothers from the Discovery Channel's "American Loggers" to be there with their logging truck in hopes of attracting some "big kids" to the event.

"I never saw a logging truck I thought was gorgeous, but the Pelletier's truck is purple and it's just beautiful," said Harmon.

The Touch-A-Truck Fair will take place Aug. 13 from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. Admission is $5 per person or $20 for a family ticket.

"I love fundraisers where you can't think of any downside," said Mosher. "Our big goal is to raise money to support the camp and we just found this wonderful format to help the truck industry too."

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