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Time after time

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Ah, daylight savings time. A time when there is just more light to be had, because we can drive home with the sun over our heads instead of sinking into the horizon. Those driving west don't have to squint quite so hard when they drive home at the end of the night, and those driving east don't get to be quite as smug with the sun behind them.

The only complaint some people have about daylight savings is the loss of an hour of sleep due to the time change. I used to hate that. I'd be groggy, grumpy and just irritable for about a week before I could adjust my sleep schedule. Now I just don't care.

Let me explain. In order to have your sleep cycle disrupted by a societal change in the time, you have to be keeping time in a sane and rational way. We haven't been doing that for a year and half. The kids get up with the sun and go to sleep when it sets. Putting them to bed any later is folly. If anything, the time change is going to make my life easier. After all, as the sun has been creeping up earlier and earlier in the morning, the kids have been getting up with it. In the cold grips of winter, the sun stayed tucked away until 7:30 in morning, so it was not an issue. But now, the sun is getting up, and getting my kids up around 6 a.m. or earlier. And earlier. Which makes for a less than enthusiastic me.

So in comes daylight savings time, and even if the kids continue on their journey of dawn risings, it will at least feel later. You know, in my mind. 6 a.m. becomes 7 a.m. And though the rest of the world is dragging their behinds out of bed, groping blindly for a cup of coffee, I will laugh quietly to myself, as I suck down my coffee. Because the time change hasn't made a difference for me.

I know that a couple years from now, when the kids are on a more human routine, I will curse day light savings time again. I will hold it the same contempt I used to when it made me tired. Because it won't just be making me tired. And it won't just be making the rest of this society tired. It will be making my children tired. And if there's one thing this epic roller coaster has taught me, it's that I don't like kids when they're tired.

The Hulk wasn't angry. He was tired. Because of daylight savings time. All Bruce Banner really needed was a nap.


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