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The sound of silence

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So, for five hours in the morning things are quiet not just the tip-toe around because kids are sleeping quiet, or the muffled thuds and squeals as people jump on their beds when they are supposed to be napping non-quiet. Actual quiet.

It's weird. And awesome.

There are people who will try to tell you that you should feel bad for being happy that your kids are going to school. I don't feel bad. Don't get me wrong, I cried when they all got on the bus. Big, fat mom tears. And I would cry at any sad, happy or otherwise emotional thing I saw online or on the radio for the rest of the day.

Then, after a little therapeutic cleaning, I made a big breakfast of French toast and thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon. I sat down with my husband and a piping hot cup of coffee and didn't get up until I finished my breakfast. Not even one time did I get up. And when I finished my coffee it was still warm. Unreal.

I cleaned some more. Read for a while more than just a paragraph or two, I got to read entire chapters. And still clean parts of the house. And those parts of the house that I cleaned wait for it stayed clean. Even after the kids came home, they didn't have enough time to really mess everything up again.

And if you still think I should feel bad, consider this. For four years, someone has been home with the kids either myself or my sainted husband. Four years that's 1,461 days (don't forget Leap Year). 35,040 hours.

Some will say that having kids is a choice; ergo, I have nothing to complain about, and I should be thrilled to spend every waking moment with the kiddos. It's true: I love being with them and talking to them and tickling them. But that doesn't mean I can't enjoy a break. I would bet some cold hard milk money that there are people out there who love their jobs, love the people they work with and love their customers, and I bet they're happy when lunch happens I mean TGIF is a thing, and you're getting paid for your job.

And I'm also happy for the kids. They're excited for school and want to go. So much so that when they get up from their afternoon nap they want to go again. We've had to remind them that there is no school on weekends and they seem pretty cool with that, as long as there will be school again in the future.

And it's relaxing. I think for everyone. When they're back, I have more energy and patience because I'm not playing catchup. The house is cleaner; I'm more rested and more productive.

Of course, no one's gotten sick yet. So, that will happen next. But somehow, it will all work out.

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