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I don't know exactly when I became Suzi Homemaker, but I think it was when the kids started eating something that resembles human-sized portions of food. See, when they first started eating, a portion for them was the size of an ice cube (A good-sized one, not one of those tiny ones you get at fast food restaurants). I would puree their veggies or means and pop them out as needed. And if you consider that one decent sweet potato is enough to nearly fill a tray, making dinner for the week was pretty easy.

Now, not so much. 

Even though they are still eating smaller portions that I am, it's not by as much, and we're going through food at a rapid pace. 

I've always been the cook in the house. But I've gone from cooking one or two hearty meals that hubby and I eat throughout the week to needing three or four on hand (either frozen or stored) throughout the week. We go through milk at an alarming pace. 

Remember that blizzard we had a couple weeks back, when everyone panicked and ran to the store to buy two or three gallons of milk? That's what I pick up in a regular trip. Two gallons of whole milk and the occasional gallon of 1-percent for the adults. The kiddos will go through about a gallon of milk in two days or less, depending on how much they dump on the floor or pour in their hair.

Now I'm the woman buying macaroni in bulk, bricks of cheese that could pave a road and 10-pound bags of rice. There isn't any room in my freezer, because that's where I keep most of the frozen veggies, with the occasional meat product.

I'm a strange hybrid of wanting to make sure I know what my kids are eating and not wanting to be so caught up in it that they go into a sugar coma when they go on a sleepover and meet Fruit Loops for the first time.

They get some sugar in the yogurt they have. I did try for the plain, but man, it's like eating sour cream. I mean, I don't care how much fruit you put in it, it tastes like sour cream. That's fine for nachos, but less fine for breakfast. So they get vanilla (and so do I. Yogurt in oatmeal is something I never would have tried in the past, and it's changed my life so creamy).

Sugar or corn syrup wasn't really my issue, it was the fact that it was in everything. Have you looked at the ingredients in a bag of bread? I mean, I know some of that is nutrient fortification but why does there need to be corn syrup in my toast? So I started making my own bread (flour, water, salt and yeast, baby).  Along with my own muffins and other breakfast foods. Because in the long run it's cheaper than buying mixes. And I'm actually using all my baking powder for once instead of waiting until it forms into an unusable brick, suitable only for hammering nails.

Add that to the ridiculous amount of casseroles I'm making on a weekly basis and I might as well be able to add cafeteria cook to my resume. I'm seriously considering contacting some food outlets and see if I can qualify for the bulk discount.

But then my husband told me I probably shouldn't make muffins every day because well, we'll eat them every day.


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