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The long goodnight

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So, beds. We have them. And we're almost at a point where people are sleeping in them through the night.

The problem isn't that they're being crazy - it's that, apparently, when sleeping, my daughter turns into a king cobra and slithers everywhere (I've watched). Eventually she ends up on the floor, and she doesn't even care. It makes checking on them in the middle of the night a little worrisome, because I'm never sure if that's a stuffed animal on the floor or one of my toddlers.

We're still working on the new routine. This was complicated by everyone getting sick at the same time. Nothing bad, mostly just fevers, runny noses and congestion. But it's enough to ruin a good routine. And any notion of sleep.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. What precipitated the beds was separating the parties involved. The girls in one room, the boy in the other. Many people, when told about the genders, expressed sympathy for my boy who would be surrounded by females. I didn't feel too bad for a dude who was going to be rocking his own room while the girls had to share I did become more sympathetic when it came time to have him sleep in his own room for the first time. He looks so small on a twin bed (yes, I know there's a joke about triplets and twin beds, but I haven't figured it out feel free to email yours to me).

The situation is made worse by their innate desire to be in whichever room isn't theirs. My boy wants to play in the girls' room and the girls gravitate towards the boy's room. When they're really on a roll they will run back and forth between the two rooms. We've avoided a collision so far, but it's really just a matter of time.

Once secured in each room, things can go smoothly kind of. The boy got upset when on his own, until he realized he not only gets one-on-one book time, but can also wheedle up to three books and get me or dad to re-read them more than once if the asking is polite enough (and my will is sufficiently weakened).

Re-establishing new routines is key. Every time I feel like I get a handle on routines, things get crazy. And big kid beds is no exception. But after about a month of transition (cribs to no cribs to pack and plays/mattresses on the floor to finally getting real beds) it's settling down.

Of course, them getting sick throws a kink in that. If you are doing the whole big-kid bed experience, make sure you have at least two sets of sheets for each kid. Because three sets for three beds isn't close to enough. Hell, I doubt the six sets is going to be enough. The more the cleanlier.


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