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Spoiled parents

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Spoiled parents Look who's awake!

To think we were worried about the kids getting spoiled. Really, we should have been worried about ourselves.

In the early days, getting a full night of sleep was a pipe dream. But you quickly get used to periods of time when the children are napping. So much so that when they change their routine you feel slighted by their impunity. After all, we had a deal. That deal was, they sleep until 6 a.m. and we feed them, play with them for a few hours and put them down for a nap. The nap should last a minimum of one hour, but preferably two hours or more. And so forth

Whenever there is a breach in the contract, as a parent you suddenly feel cheated. You have so quickly become accustomed to time time that, lest we forget, wasn't available to us scant months ago. But that sense of entitlement comes quickly - usually just after you snuggle under a nice comfy blanket with your coffee and a book. Or in my case, sit down for a good hour-long session of 'Skyrim' - only to be interrupted because someone decided to grow molars.

Do you even really need your molars at this point?

Now, please hold off on your indignation. We are well aware that schedules change at a moment's notice with toddlers. And we're pretty sure we're due for one. This doesn't mean we have to like it. Change is good. It means they're growing, learning and being individuals that don't give a rat's patoot about my schedule.

But I doubt you could find someone who was thrilled with the chaos involved in a shifting nap schedule. Or eating schedule. Or really anything that involves one to three cranky babies, over-worked and under-sleeping adults who don't get their video game breaks.

If you had told me at this point last year that I would be whining about not getting enough video game breaks, my past self would be punching my present self in the nose. But that's the funny thing about getting used to a situation. I'm sure I'll get settled into the new routine just in time for them to change it.

In the meantime, are you sure you don't want to try to sleep for another 20 minutes? I'll buy you ice cream.


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