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Some days are crazy days

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Some days are crazy days Alice getting some face time with Sgt. Fizzell
This is one of those

Impromptu trips can be tricky for anyone. They are almost impossible with triplets, but not entirely. We had one a couple weeks ago. My mom-in-law was making a business trip up to Millinocket to drop off some of her beautifully crafted hand-made wooden hearts. The kiddos' great grandmother also lives in Millinocket, so she had called to see if perhaps she could steal one or two for a visit.

I figured, what the heck, let's bring the whole gang and have a party (it's always a baby party wherever we go). So the next morning, we pack them into the SUV, make a stop at a gas station to pick up some Dunkin Donuts, and I decide to gas up. It is a beautiful, sunny morning.

Once I finish filling the tank, I hear something that doesn't belong. It sounds like rain. But it is clearly not raining. I have a sinking feeling, but I listen at the gas pump nope, not coming from the gas pump. Maybe it's the snow melting, really, really fast. No, it's not the snow melting. It's the gas tank, leaking the $70 worth of gasoline onto the pavement. That can't be good.

So, my mom-in-law tells the manager.

The fire department is called.

A police officer arrives.


We have to tow the SUV. But we also have to take all of the car seats and bases out. Not to mention the backpack of extra diapers, blankets, toys, books, wipes, outfits, mirrors so I can see the kids, and my Mumford and Sons CD that I need for road trips. Then we need to cram the car seats into our other vehicle, which is only a little smaller, but smaller nevertheless. 

After I make a call to a tow company, I see a familiar face (many of the police officers are familiar to me). It's Sgt. Gene Fizzell of the Holden Police Department, telling me that he would have called a tow company if I needed one. He proceeds to hang out with me, the kids, my husband and in-laws as we run in and out of the convenience store, adjust car seats, pay the tow guy and reassemble the kids into the other car. Basically, while we were running around like chickens, sans heads, he played with the kids, chatted with our folks and made the entire ordeal easier to deal with. Alice made a friend for life. And he didn't have to do that. He could have arrived, seen that we were all set and taken off to fight crime. But he didn't, and that made everything just that much easier in a hectic day. 

Truly, if you're going to have your gas tank rupture and leak, it couldn't have happened under better circumstances. Consider the following: We weren't going to anything time-sensitive (weddings, doctor's appointments, etc.); it wasn't raining out (would I even have noticed the leak if it had been? That freaks me out); my husband decided to get coffee (something he almost never does); we left the giant triplet stroller at home (would have added at least a second trip into the mix); we could have filled up the tank further from home (we were about five minutes from the house). Not that anyone wants a gas leak, but if you have to have one this was the way to do it.

And we still went north. And it was a wonderful visit.


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