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So I joined a cult (Not really!)

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Getting my house in order has been on my list of things to do since I owned a house. I've never been the most organized person. In fact, you'd not be wrong to call me a slob. But when there are babies, and then toddlers, suddenly you need to do a better job.

And you do, but it's a rugged, never-ending and often thankless task - especially if you think about it in those terms. I'd been doing a decent job of getting rid of some unwanted stuff and taking back my bedroom from the clutches of unused toddler toys and loads of books that had been moved in - basically anything that wasn't allowed to be around the kids was put in our room.

Then, while trolling the internet looking for ideas, someone on Reddit posted about a little community called '' Said it was friendly and uplifting and really helped that person get their house in order. Sounded like just the thing I needed.

I popped over and started looking at the spot for beginners. They are very clear that if you are new at this you start in the beginner spot, because you don't want to look at one of the advanced cleaner lists and have a heart attack.

It all starts with shining your sink. Every night before bed, you shine it, which means it should be empty (if it's not, she suggests you find a way put the dishes on the floor if you have to!). But I put my dishes away and cleaned the sink.

And from there she starts building up your routines, a little at a time, and over the course of a month you will have habits. Now, no two lives are the same. If you're a stay-at-home-mom, a working mom or, like me, some strange hybrid of two, your schedule will be different. But what was really nice about this method is that you can easily adapt it to your life.

And it's got a major focus on simplifying and reducing clutter and an honest to goodness positive attitude.

I'm not going to tell you that my house looks like a Martha Stuart catalogue it never will. Not while three kids are living here. And even after two months of fluttering, I'm still not doing it all. But progress is being made, and people can come over without me having to devote a weekend to cleaning up.

And yes, the kids go around behind me and undo the tidying but they are also helping out more because, let's be honest, it's way more fun to tear around a clean house than it is a cluttered house.

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