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Poor organizational skills

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With school starting in (deep breath) a week, (Oh, God) I have to get my act together when it comes to organization. Excuse me; I need to do some deep breathing exercises into this brown paper bag.

It isn't like I wasn't getting up early every day for the past few years, but when I did it wasn't as though I was on some tight schedule with the kids. I'd get up, clean a section of the house and get breakfast ready. We'd bring the kiddos down, eat breakfast and play. Sometimes we'd go outside, sometimes we'd color, sometimes we'd watch a show.

Now we will get up and get out. Put on three pairs of pants, three shirts, don three backpacks and get three kids on the bus. At 7:15 a.m.

Now, I won't go into what a mess I'll be on the first day. I'm pretty sure that's a given. I feel like I have legitimate concern when it comes to the girls' carsickness. Stop and go traffic is not their friend. And what do buses do? Stop and go. That's pretty much all they do. Which means I may want to pack them extra clothes just in case.

So that brings the tally up to at least five shirts and pants per kid. And then there's the need to perhaps have back-up for the boy, since spills and other accidents happen. So let's make it six pairs backup for everyone; that's smart. But then you need it five days a week.

On a spill-free week, that's 15 outfits per week. I know there are probably some people out there going, 'Well, they have to get dressed every day anyway...' And you're absolutely correct. They do, but they didn't really have to look good unless I was going somewhere. And I can tell you right now, going somewhere was a special occasion. And even then, sometimes I wouldn't notice they had sat in a pile of oatmeal until we had already strapped two in the car and I'm not changing pants at that point, I'm just not. We're going.

But there is this expectation for school clothes to look good and do things like match and not have breakfast all over them. At some point I'm going to have to start ironing.

So, they get home and they still have nice clothes on. Great! Now they will take them off and put on 'play clothes.' I remember having play clothes and I also remember not understanding why I had them. Now I get it. It's an effort on the part of the parent to stretch some life into the nice clothes while understanding that sacrifices of cotton and denim need to be made to the cruel gods of mud and grass.


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