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Tuesday, 25 August 2015 21:46

Poor organizational skills

Written by Katy England

With school starting in (deep breath) a week, (Oh, God) I have to get my act together when it comes to organization. Excuse me; I need to do some deep breathing exercises into this brown paper bag.

It isn't like I wasn't getting up early every day for the past few years, but when I did it wasn't as though I was on some tight schedule with the kids. I'd get up, clean a section of the house and get breakfast ready. We'd bring the kiddos down, eat breakfast and play. Sometimes we'd go outside, sometimes we'd color, sometimes we'd watch a show.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015 18:48

Sharing and caring

Written by Katy England

There's a notion that because you have multiple children, they will have a magical bond of love and will want to do things like share their toys and cuddle all the time. And though there are times when the cuteness of two or more children hugging or playing together is extreme, there are many, many times where they don't want to share.

Being a triplet doesn't mean you aren't a normal child. No child wants to share. I don't care if you're a singleton, a twin a triplet or some other higher order. We've gone through enough birthdays and Christmases not to mention other holidays to prove it.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015 14:48

Averaging out

Written by Katy England

We live to compare. We like to think that it's helpful. Until one of your kids starts falling below average. Which is funny, especially if they haven't even started school yet.

One of my kids has what are commonly called 'delays' - a speech delay among some other gross and fine motor skill delays. In all honesty, it isn't something I worry about very often. Everyone always says, don't compare you can't compare. Well, apparently you can, and there are tests for it. With math and numbers and median scales. They can test everything from how a child walks up stairs to how one holds a pencil.

Wednesday, 05 August 2015 20:32

Getting schooled

Written by Katy England

Free time is something of a joke when you have kids especially if you have kids and don't have day care. No time is free. Suddenly time is so valuable it makes gold and diamonds look tarnished in comparison.

The kids turned 4 recently, and with that comes the fact that they would all be starting pre-K in the fall. According to my calendar, that is but scant weeks away. This started something dangerous: daydreaming about free time that is, what my husband and I can do with it. Things like going out for breakfast. Together.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015 19:50

Monkey business

Written by Katy England

So, no sooner has my son mastered the English language than he decides that one language is not good enough. Forgive me while I brag, but you kind of have to when you have a bilingual son who isn't yet 4. Oh, what's the language? Monkey.

We've been on a serious 'Curious George' kick of late. And kids emulate their heroes, which can be really cool. When we watch 'Mighty Machines,' he's a crane, a bulldozer or any number of large pieces of equipment. After watching 'The Land Before Time,' Mom and Dad would take turns being the terrifying Sharptooth chasing after Littlefoot and his friends.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015 17:47

Odd and not-so odd hours

Written by Katy England

I work odd hours much of the time. Whether it's trying to squeeze in a phone interview during naptime from my porch or staying up late finishing up a story, they're odd. But I also get to see the kids on a regular basis and I get my work done I don't do much else, though.

Up until recently, due to conflicting schedules, I would waltz into the office around 2 p.m. and stay until 7 or so. Things like social lunches were out. And it's surprisingly difficult to get people to come out for a mid-day snack.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015 19:42

The good fight

Written by Katy England

You have to pick your battles, everyone says. I embrace that philosophy, I do, but I never thought I'd be fighting with people about putting their own pants on. But that's where I am, having fights that last a long time - and require someone to be without pants for quite a long time - because they don't meet the following requirements:

Tuesday, 07 July 2015 19:41

No mom is an island

Written by Katy England

Parenting is isolating. I'm not whining, I'm just stating a fact. You will go out less, you will see fewer people, you will do fewer things you will wash more dishes.

And it will be harder to meet up with friends unless your kids happen to be exactly the same age and doing the same activities. Think about it: if you have kids and they have kids, you have to make accommodations for things like school, after school activities, doctors/dentist appointment, clubs and organizations, family commitments.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015 20:50

Cost benefit analysis

Written by Katy England

We're (finally) getting blinds to go in the kids room. We've needed them for the past four years, but this summer was the tipping point in dropping the $150 in getting shades for four windows in two rooms. The money wasn't so much the issue. It was the notion that the odds are good that those blinds are going to be destroyed. (Oh, and for anyone worried about the kids, these are just plain old roller blinds, the kids will be perfectly safe tearing them out of the window frame, with no threat of strangulation.)

Ever since we set the clocks ahead and beautiful sunlight has saturated the countryside until 8 or 9 in the evening, bedtime has become something of a farce with the girls. They share a room, and when they can see each other, it pretty much means they will play or fight with each other. Until 9 p.m.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015 16:46

New and different

Written by Katy England

The world keeps getting bigger and messier and more fun for our kids. Scarier too, but mostly more fun. Especially when it comes to bugs.

I loved bugs growing up. Snakes, frogs and reptiles too, but bugs were my thing. I was the weird girl in school who would watch ants dig and feed wayward mosquitoes to spiders. Nature on the whole is pretty fascinating there are cable network channels dedicated to this stuff.

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