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Multiple looks back

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Man, things have changed. Whenever I see people I haven't seen in a while they are surprised at how old the kids are. So am I. I can't believe it's been four years. Four years, five Christmases, half a school year, several trips to the ER, countless boo-boos, sleepless nights and awesomeness.

There have been several things I don't have to do any more, as well as new things I'm just starting to figure out. Here's a few from both camps.

Guess reduction

Yes, we have speech delays here and there, but ultimately the words are flowing fast and furious for everyone. Now, instead of someone simply screaming their head off, we will get a tap on the door followed by a succinct explanation of what the hubbub is. Often it will be that someone took something, or someone hit someone, but still the mystery is gone.

Not only that, they've started having conversations with each other. Unprompted. It's really something else to see them interacting with each other on a level that isn't just taking the toy the other person has.

Why? Why? Why not?!

Oh, the whys. If you want to see how well you understand your corner of the world, hang out with 4-year-olds you will be struggling to articulate basic concepts like wind, rain, love and how the sun rises and sets. You will be elated when the rapid-fire peppering of 'whys' comes to an abrupt end when you actually manage to satisfactorily answer the question and when you can't, you sort of just throw it back in their face.

Dressing room

Outside of a little tugging and arm-hole arrangement, the kids are largely dressing and undressing themselves. You may think it's an odd point to make, but note that putting on shoes is still a BFD for a least one of the kids.

Take dressing three kids - three shirts, three pants, six socks, three jackets, six shoes - every day. And it gets old. So the more they can do oh, the more my time frees up. It's bliss.

Getting schooled in school

Having the kids start school has been such a blessing, bitter sweet such as it is. The biggest change is realizing I can work at times my husband might be working too. Sure, there are some new things like figuring out three kids' worth of milk money for the year (which is a lot, let me tell you. More than you'd think).

Everyone at the school has been kind and patient with us. And on occasion we see that the three kids can be a little confusing and overwhelming which we also sympathize with.

Things I miss

Sometimes they don't want hugs. They just don't, and I try to be cool with that. I feel like that's a trend that will ebb and flow for a few more years before ebbing a lot, but it's weird to not be able to help everything with a hug. I can still help most things with a hug, but not everything.

Soon there will come friends, sleep overs, homework all this stuff I don't mind waiting for. I do look forward to meeting their friends. In the meantime I'll just watch in awe and consternation as things change faster than I can hope to keep up with.


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