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Yes, I invented another word or at least I think I did. There is a good chance a smarter, more together mom invented it before me. It's hard to tell when I haven't had enough coffee.

'Momflict' is the internal conflict one may experience as a mom. I'm sure dads are afflicted by this as well, but they can invent their own name - I have suggestions, but you have seen how I butcher the English language.

Now, this shouldn't be confused with inter-mom conflict. You know where moms get all judgmental with each other about who is winning at being a mom. Let's face it, we are both winning and losing on a daily basis. And honestly, unless a child is being physically harmed, we need to dial it back a notch. Nobody has gone to a job interview and had to answer questions on how early they were potty trained. No one stops in mid-sentence and goes, 'you were breastfed, weren't you I can tell.' Let's stop fighting and hug it out. When was the last time you got a haircut and had someone make a guess if you were a C-section baby? But I digress.

School is a prime example of Momflict. These experiences are only mine if your momflict is different, let me know. For the past four years, one of us has always been with the kiddos. If hubs is home, I'm at work and vice versa. One of our kids did have Head Start services, so we had a taste of school for one of them. But this is the first time in years that all three will be out of the house at one time.

On the one hand I can't wait. A quiet house. A house I can clean and it will stay that way for more than five minutes. This is more valuable than gold, not that I would say no to gold, mind you.

Then on the other hand, I'm a nervous wreck. I know this is nothing new. I know I am not a special snowflake. I can know all of these things and have it not matter one little bit. Momflict.

I feel momflicted when I'm at work. Because on the one hand I'm getting work done. I've written entire sentences without being interrupted. But I also feel bad about not being home, which is weird because when I work from home I feel bad about not being at work. Momflicted.

These are similar to games people without kids play in their own head I used to do that too, and I called it my 'paranoid mind.' For the most part, no one notices you as much as you think they do. And to some extent everyone is feeling some conflict in their life. It will be fine. Just roll with it, and don't let the momflict get you down.


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