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Mom-munity - or mom-immunity if you prefer - is defined as the temporary immunity to icky diseases that infest your home, keep you kids up at night, and generally cause mayhem and misery for the duration. The mom loses said immunity once everyone has been cured of this ailment, been nursed back to health, and received sufficient snuggles, hot teas and homemade soups.

You are never guaranteed mom-munity, you can only hope you get it. Total immunity, is of course, preferred, but good luck with that.

It is unclear which is worse, being sick while everyone is sick, or being sick while everyone is well. At least when everyone is sniffling, grouchy and tired, they're slower, prone to actually taking their naps and are mollified with cups of juice and an ample dose of 'Mighty Machines.'

But if you're sick and they're running at a normal pace, keeping up is suddenly 5 million times more exhausting than when you're just at normal levels of tired.

At least I have the chance that people may start sleeping through the night soon. That will help me sleep through the night soon - if I'm not up sneezing and stuffed up. But what can you do?

With three kids with stuffed/runny noses, sleeping is difficult. That, and there is no cold medication, outside of a gentle antihistamine, that is available for kids under 6. There just isn't it doesn't even say 'ask your doctor,' it says 'do not administer.' Period. End of discussion no Sudafed for your littles!

But this means getting up. When someone snuffs themselves into consciousness, they're never happy about it. Who is? When I'm sick, and I can't breathe, I'm a troll. The real clincher is you have to treat the kids fairly. Sure, I already got up three times to help one girl, so when my son wakes up crying and needing his nose wiped, I need to adjust my attitude accordingly.

Sympathy and kindness are difficult emotions to muster at 3 a.m. (especially when you've already been up at 12, 1 and 2 a.m.). But muster them you shall, because we all know how awful it is to have your nose wiped with tissues. It's like sandpaper. You know what it feels like when your sinuses are pushing your eyeballs out of your skull. Awful. And when you're 3 with no context for this, well, you need hugs even if your mom stepped on a wooden block.

After all, I can make super-spicy ginger-garlic hot and sour soup for myself. They don't have that luxury.

And in a week or two, this will pass. I'll feel better. They'll feel better and we'll forget this whole thing until the next round.


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