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Me time

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Three 3-year-olds, a full time job, a part time job and freelance gigs doesn't leave a lot of time that is designated as 'free.' And that time, despite its name, is valuable to me. There are scant few hours that I can truly call my own, so I get a little uppity when they're infringed upon.

Which is often why poor telemarketers even those asking for cash or surveys for a purported good cause are often gently reminded to take me off their lists. Nothing like grimly battling through tantrums, boo-boos, herding the wildlings upstairs for quiet time and fixing oneself a sandwich only to have the phone ring before you get a chance to test your latest tuna-salad invention. Because I'm a Luddite, I don't have caller ID, and it's invariably Rachel or Carmen from Cardholder Services saving me from credit card debt (from my mythical credit cards).

But since I realized I do actually have some time, I really wanted to start using it fruitfully instead of just zoning out in front the TV binge-watching 'Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt' or 'Dare Devil.' (Brief aside: I would dearly like to thank Netflix for airing original series it almost makes me feel relevant again.) Not that there is anything wrong with watching those shows (I love you Kimmie! Hurry up with season 2, kay?). But the kids are probably not going to get any less demanding, and even with the start of school, that basically only guarantees that I get to go to work more often not that I get moremetime.

So I stopped waiting for 'me' time to just happen. I started making it. In the morning I'm up early (not even super-early; like 6:30 a.m.) to clean a bit, and I've started to put time in to re-learning French, something I hadn't touched upon since college. I'm basically using a flash-card program on a website called (you may recall it from a Time Waster from a few weeks ago).

But one of the biggest changes has been a return to my creative writing. Back in November of 2014, I decided to not do NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), and instead I called it KaFiWhShStMo, which is an unpronounceable, fake acronym for 'Katy Finishes What She Starts.' I settled on the rather attainable goal of writing 500 words a day and finishing up some short fiction I had started awhile back. And I stuck with it through November and finished a great deal. The holidays came and I was thrown off my groove a bit but then we started another form of 'me' time really 'Us' time.

We started date night. It actually happened when I tried to invite some people over for a writing group, but because this winter was the type of winter that Icelandic sagas are written about, people couldn't make it. So my husband and I opened the wine and fancy cheeses and we had our first writer's date night. And we did it once a month ever since.

We've also added game night and movie night into the mix. And even though these are all nights in they are fun. We don't talk about the kids too much, we get a little tipsy and we have fun. Time well spent.


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