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Math, always the math

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Math has never been my forte. I have to write my problems out on paper, and if asked to do basic math in front of people, I get flushed and my brain stops working. But I've been doing more and more math ever since I had three kids at the same time.

If you go in the Way-Back machine, you'll recall I did a similar column when they were transitioning to solid food. But wince we're past bibs and working our way through potty training I figured it was safe to revisit the subject again.

I remember the days when I used to pop out a cube of frozen puree, thaw it in the microwave and have enough to feed all three. Yeah, those days are gone. So are the days when you really had to work at finishing a gallon of milk. Each week we go through approximately five gallons of milk give or take. I'll buy three gallons during my weekly grocery excursion, then one of us will have to make a pit-stop to pick up another two gallons by before grocery day rolls around again.

Bananas they're a big hit. I used to be able to get away with one bunch, but we're running out of two bunches well into the beginning of the week. Sometimes we're lucky if we make to through a weekend.

Each kid used to happily eat half of a sandwich. Now, they will eat the whole sandwich and ask for more.

One thing we are subtracting instead of adding would have to be diapers. We still buy them, along with training pants (I will straight up fight anyone who even insinuates training pants are a cop-out. Say it to my face, I dare you) but we've been sticking as much as possible to the underpants. Which has added to our daily laundry routine by about three loads per day. Mostly because neither parent feels like putting our clothes in with the biohazards that have become our daily life.

But one of the nice things that is also being added in to the equation is that I have three helpers. Sure, the help is questionable at best, but it's there. If someone spills their milk, they can help clean it up. If someone well, doesn't quite grasp the concept of diapers vs. underpants, there's a cleaning crew on hand sometimes to help mitigate the gross.

Man, we're going through hand soap at an alarming rate. Better add that to the list.


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