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Lost art of conversation

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Having conversations with the kids can be an exercise in frustration. I've seen scuttlebutt on the internet that kids ask somewhere between 280 to almost 400 questions per day. Now, I'm eating that with more than a couple grains of salt since it looked like the 'research' was a survey and I certainly haven't taken to ticking off each time one of the beans has rattled off a question. But it's a lot. And most of them are as simple as 'Mama?' You know, because I had the audacity to wander out of their line of sight.

But here's the thing, when you sit down and have conversations with them they're awesome. And weird but in such a good way. Such a hilarious way. One of the kiddosis getting a very basic understanding of the digestive system (food goes in, is processed and leaves in an entirely different manner). This child has happily been telling everyone all the things that start as food and end up as poop. He's not wrong.

And when they are wrong, boy do they double down on their facts. After going on a blackberry hunt there was a conversation with my husband and the boy. To paraphrase:

Boy: Black bears eat blackberries.

Husband: That's right. They also eat blueberries.

Boy: No. Blueberry bears eat blueberries.

In a previous conversation he mentioned the existence of pizza bears, who cook and eat pizza. Which sound amazing, frankly.

And it is he, all of 4 years old, who is the authority on the matter. Occasionally they will listen to our rationale, but they always reserve the right to form their own opinion - based on not-quite facts. But they still make a certain logical sense.

I, to this day, think whoever was responsible for naming butterflies was simply drunk and slurred flutterbyes. They neither resemble, create nor taste like butter. They do, however, flutter, and someone has some explaining to do.

The kids are coming to grips with some very simple concepts like why you can have rats, but not mouses. Why it's OK to throw soft toys but not hard toys. Not just knowing what danger means, but experiencing it.

Sometimes it can be hard to have a conversation especially when there are three of them and they all want to have very different conversations at the same time. Sometimes they converse with each other which is a level of adorable I wasn't prepared for. Sometimes I'm tired and want the questions to stop for just a little while. But when you power through that, and talk it's almost always awesome.

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