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It's all in the timing

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So, it's been something of a slog cramming life back into something that resembles normal, at least if someone isn't looking too closely at it. Yes, I'm still working. Yes, I'm still taking care of the kids. And yes, I'm still maintaining my household. Which is to say, I haven't been fired, the kids are still breathing and I haven't burned down any major portions of my residence.

How do I do it? Well, honestly for the first few months it was with the bare goodwill of some very patient souls. But since then I've been leaning heavily on technology to replace the parts of my brain I've lost to sleepless nights and full days.

I used to feel bad that I was getting so overwhelmed with things. Then it hit me - I'm no longer just planning my day. I'm the de facto secretary for three new human beings, and additionally I have to have a complete knowledge of my husband's work/home schedule and know if he has anything scheduled outside of that (like a dentist or doctor appointment). I expect a card on Administrative Assistant's Day.

I've had to start utilizing programs like Microsoft Excel and Google Calendar to remember simple tasks like laundry. Seriously, I have a daily, weekly and monthly Excel spreadsheet for this. The daily sheet has asinine chores on it, like do dishes, make the bed, do laundry.

My calendar has to include things like get groceries, call mom, and GO TO WORK! If it doesn't, I won't (or worse, I try to schedule something when there is no physical way I can do it). Heck, even if it does, odds are still iffy that it will get done. I have a pile of junk mail balanced precariously on a kitchen chair that still needs sorting and shredding. Fun.

Bless my dentist's secretaries, whom I speak with frequently about why I can't make my next appointment because that's the same day we have to get the kids shots, or hubby had to go in for a staff meeting, so could we push it off until five months from now?

One of the other nice things about Google Calendar is the fact that you can have it repeatedly remind you of an event that is happening that day. So, I do. It beeps at me at least an hour before I need to be somewhere. Then a half hour then I have it remind me every five minutes until it's time to leave.

Also, I'm not above just telling people how it is. My schedule is insane, here are the times I can shoehorn in an appointment. Will that work? Awesome! If not, less awesome, but we'll figure something out. It may involve babies crying, but we'll work something out.

There seems to be a lot of pressure on moms who 'have it all' which I suppose some of us do. But what people don't realize is that when you 'have it all' you have to schedule it all in the same amount of time you had before. I joke that I now have two full-time jobs and only get paid for one. But that's only half the truth now I have four full-time jobs and I haven't yet invented a time machine. Working on it.


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