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Get this adorable crap out of my house

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When you have kids, you accumulate a lot of stuff. Between the initial baby showers, the hand-me-downs, the impulse shopping and the ridiculous rate of growth, you will always have more crap in your house than you could possibly be using at any one time.

So what do you do with it? Thankfully, I know a few people who have done me the favor of getting pregnant and have taken a few items off my hands. Bless their hearts.

Some people sell it. I'm part of a chipper little group that frequently posts good deals amongst moms. I totally scored my triplet stroller there. 

I don't sell. I pretty much give things away for free. The reasoning behind it is that if I didn't pay for it myself, I'm not going to make someone else pay for it. Besides, getting some of these items out of my house is worth its weight in gold.

But you have to be careful. New parents sometimes don't know what they're getting into. And though it may feel nice to clean out that spare room that has been harboring loads of brightly-colored plastic pieces of crap, you don't necessarily want to put anyone else through that fun little circle of hell. If they don't want it, don't push. Heck, even if they seem slightly ambivalent about it don't push. There's a reason why you don't want it anymore, and you aren't the only baby-crap dealer in town peddling your slightly used wares.

That being said, you probably have loads of clothes, toys and other accoutrements that haven't even connected with your little bundle of joy. When the warm weather struck in force, I found myself in the position of shoveling out their draws (yet again) and bagging up loads of clothing. Clothing that if it wasn't for the 75- to 90-degree weather they could still fit into. Some of which still sports floppy little price tags.

I know within my heart of hearts that by the time our state cools down to a frigid ice cube once again, they will no longer be fitting into those 18-month flannel PJs. Now, having three kids who are only minutes apart in age but seemingly months apart in size is a fun problem. It allows me not to care as much that I didn't get to see them in this outfit or that outfit. It also makes that outfit easier to give away because it hasn't marinated in congealed baby ick (you know, that ever-present sticky coating that kids have from ages zero to 18). There are items I've washed in hot suds with bleach that will never be truly clean, even if that's only in my mind.

And once the winter hits, I'll be shoveling together other bags of summer clothes (and hope that each one got worn at least once, but who am I kidding). By the time you remove those godawful plastic tags, run the clothes through the laundry, fold them and put them away, the kids have already graduated from high school.


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