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More things to think about if you're having multiples

People will want to give you duplicates of things. When our kids were really little, I used think that was a terrible idea. But then they started ruining things. Once they started destroying board books, having three copies of 'Good Night Moon' was suddenly a good thing.

If you find out that they have a favorite buddy, you will need to make clones. My children bonded with some Beanie Babies that their auntie bought for them when they were little. The love they have for these buddies is adorable and terrifying. Their buddies tend to get disgusting really quickly, which means they will need to be washed. Which means you will have an upset kid - unless you have a spare. I ordered mine off of Z-shop sellers on Amazon, because TY Beanie Babies are designed as collectibles and get retired on a regular basis. But I found them, and have backups in case of misplacement or bathtime.

Always have duct tape on hand. No, not for that, you crazy person! To fix things. Because, my friend, things are going to break. Things that you personally may not care about, but that the kids have formed a deep and abiding attachment to. You need to be able to fix it - and you don't have time for glue.

I've got a library of children's books held together with duct tape. Plastic toys have been repaired with it, and even my fridge has felt the none-too-gentle caress of this silvery miracle. Make sure you keep it out of reach. It's like a big giant sticker that never ends, and they will figure out how to use it.

If you get something new, they will all want to play with it at the same time. And the answer really isn't two of everything. But sometimes the toy that is causing fights needs to be put in timeout.

Speaking of which get creative with time out spots. You will probably have more than one kid in time out at any given time. As my dad was fond of saying, 'it takes two to tango.' Sometimes you'll be able to figure out who the instigator is, and sometimes it doesn't matter, everyone needs to chill out.

You're going to have to buy car seats again. That's right, those first two or three car seats are only good for the first six to nine months. Then you need to get new ones. And you need to be sure they will fit in your vehicle of choice.

Get yourself a double/triple/whatever stroller. Otherwise you will be stuck. Even if you can safely carry two or three kids at the same time (if you can, I want to meet you), you won't want to do so for hours on end. And if you ever want to leave the house, you'll need a good one. And, I'm saying this with 20/20 hindsight get them in-line, one in front of the other. I have a stroller that seats the three kids across and we can take it into big box stores, but it won't fit down most aisles or through all doors. Which limits your options until they are better at walking.

Find someone to pay it forward to. Whether it's another new parent, a day care, or even resale online. Pay it forward. You can give it away, or make a couple bucks back. Either way, you're helping someone out and cleaning out your cluttered home. Win-win.


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