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Cleaning house, Sisyphus-style

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I've never been a neat person. A little chaos does not disturb me, but cleaning up after three 3-year-olds can really make you understand poor Sisyphus a little better.

For those who aren't into Greek myths, Sisyphus is a guy who thought it would be a good idea to live a long time. So he did the logical thing and chained up Death so he wouldn't die. Of course, no one else could either, and there were repercussions. Long story short, he eventually released Death, died, and got a nasty punishment of having to roll a big rock up a hill but when he gets within spitting distance of the top, the rock slips from his grasp and rolls back down again. And he gets to do this for eternity.

My job isn't that bad, but it's not exactly battling for glory endlessly in the fields of Elysium either.

We've been trying to stay ahead of the onslaught - the endless cycle of dishes, cups, toys, dirt and crumbs that infiltrate the house on a daily basis. You no sooner sweep up the entire house and feel really good about yourself than three kids with muddy boots run through the place, willfully ignoring your pleas for them to sit down and take their boots off. Then there's snack which comes with spills. And more spills.

The kids seem to enjoy a clean house. They will run around gleefully through the halls, not having to worry about errant wooden blocks. And they even help to a degree - I had a lovely time showing my daughter how to use the dustpan and broom. It wasn't perfect, but she had fun. But then there are less helpful activities. One thing I discovered was that my other daughter enjoys pushing items behind the bureau. I found this out when I went to clean over there and saw an inordinate number of books and toys wedged between the wall and the furniture. I spent a good half hour getting said things out. I shuffled some of the books downstairs, had to dispose of a couple musty toys that had taken a spill from the humidifier, and blocks and other detritus. All clean.

Until naptime. When I went to check on my not-so-sleeping beauties, I found that all of the books and toys I had left had been shoved back behind the chest of drawers. My shoulders feel tight just typing this.

Speaking of those drawers. You know how they are supposed to hold clothes? Yeah. Even with child locks, the girls can fit their miniscule little wrists in the gap and proceed to remove everything they can get their fingers on. Which is not exactly motivational when it comes to folding their clothes, or using their drawers.

But we can all hope that this will eventually change for the better. Right? Right?


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